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Arjun asks his mother who is he, where did he come from, whose son he is. She says she is his mother and what difference it makes if she found him near river bank. She says she prayed god a lot for a child and after she found her, she prayed only to get him as her son in next life. He says she awalys make him cry with her words. She says he should go and help her papa in preparing temple prasad for whole city.

Noorie looks at her mother’s pic and reminisces her dad’s misbehavior and Arjun taking her stance. Dad comes and says she disappointed him by taking roadside orphan’s side, he will drag her to drain with him, her mom would be ashamed of her if she was alive. She says mom would not react like this. He leaves angrily. She thinks mom would have been happy as someone

took her stance for the first time, she is proud of Arjun.

Aslam and Arjun unload groceries from truck for temple prasad. Aslam starts complaining. Dad comes and scolds them both to work fast as prasad has to be prepared whole night. SP checks temple security and tells his team that he is going to headquarters and wants them to increase tight security for tomorrow’s biggest temple feast.

Arjun is busy unloading groceries. Noorie comes and thanks him for confront her papa and says let us go. He says he has to work. She tries to kiss his cheek. He stops her and says people are around and asks her to let him work. He goes to kitchen with aslam. Dad asks them to sleep early and come in the early morning.

Asthika waits for morning and thinks till when Vasuki will hide himself and mani. In the morning, Arjun comes to kitchen and gets afraid seeing fire. Aslam says let us go in. Dad says he is still afraid of fire and asks him to take care of outside chores and asks Aslam to take care of kitchen. Aslam asks Arjun if he is snake or animal to get afraid of fire. Arjun goes out.

Asthika comes to temple with his soldiers. Pandits ask Maheshwar/dad to take care of Asthika. Asthika says he is one among devotees today and let Maheshwar take care of feast arrangements. He turns into snake, goes into kitchenand poisons whole food. Maheshwar does prasad pooja and comes back to kitchen with pandits and Arjun and Aslam. He says Arjun that he should distribute prasad to whole city. Arjun nods yes. Asthika tells his soldiers that after eating prasad, everyone will fall ill except Vasuki and once they find Vasuki, they should inform him. They disperse among people.

Maheshwar gives Arjun prasad and asks him to give it at home and get back and distribute prasad in whole city. Arjun passes near Asthika and Asthika feels emotional bonding. Arjun goes home and gives prasad to mom. Asthika asks soldiers to keep an eye on whoever consumes prasad, Vasuki has to come in front today, else he will destroy whole Amroli with his poison.

Noorie comes to Arjun’s house. Arjun gets tensed and asks why did she come here. She saysshe told him that she is coming to his house. Mom asks who is she. She says she is Noorie. Aunt asks who Noorie. Noorie says she must be aunt and says she is this city’s new SP’s daughter. Aunt gets imressed. Noorie says mom that she does not have mom, but is learning culture, so she brought chocs as gift. Chutki takes choc. Aslam comes and says it is getting late. Noorie says hi Aslam. He says hi and asks what is she doing here. Arjun says they are going to temple and will drop her on the way. She says she wants to spend time with family. Mom says let her stay.

On the way, Aslam asks if he wants to marry Noorie. Arjun says no, Aslam says he is lying. They reach temple. Dad scolds them and asks to distribute prasad. Arjun sees him tired and asks him to go home and rest while he takes care here. Dad emotionally touches his cheek and says he has grown up. They both get busy distributing prasad. Asthika looking from terrace tells soldier that soon poison will show its effect and people will fall ill. Aslam insists to eat laddo, eats one and feeds even Arjun. People fall ill after poison effect.

Precap: People fall ill consuming poison, but Arjun does not. Inspector tells SP that Maheshwar prepares prasad under his supervision. Asthika says Vasuki will come to attack him. Arjun is seen running.

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  1. Hi thnx ma for updating it is there anyone else is here who watch this show plzzz comment

  2. This series is bcumng vry interestng day by day..
    All actors play their part vry well
    Evn the shows graphics nd edits r gud…hope it maintains the same evn in upcoming episodes..

  3. I will watch this show.. If not watching i will read for sure..

  4. I want this to be updated a bit early so that it will be useful for the people like me.. It is just a request 🙂

  5. It’s a nice show

  6. today’s epi was ok but any thing good will happen or all things bad will happen in next episode i wish arjun cure all people with the power of naag maani he had in him and his so called father didn’t got arrest

  7. Nagarjun is reallyy a nice show..hopefully the show will get good trp….

  8. There’s a hidden message in this show… Although the amroli people are very much religious but still they allow a Muslim boy who is Arjun’s friend to do temple work… People should learn from this…..very good show… I enjoy it….

  9. A good shoe with a very different and interstng concept!! Worth watching!!

  10. Hey gys there are many group in telyupdate like swaragini,sadda haq etc lets start nagarjun group whts say????

  11. good uodate…thanxx…

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