Naagarjun 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Naagarjun 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun getting fine in the water by nagmani powers and float up.Astika gives his hand to arjun to come out of well.
Arjun ask Asktika how did I became fine, I am getting mad by all these question, why Rajveer wants to kill me. I want answers
Astika says time will give you the answers , and says bring your inner power out and fight with Rajveer.

Arjun goes to Rajveer and warns him, this time he will fight with him

Arjun goes to his home. His parents Noorie and aslam are happy to see him

Arjun yell at Noorie why are you here and scold her

Arjun parents tells she is in search of you from last night. we all are worried, what ever parents do is for the child safety and benefit

Arjun apologies to his parents and to Noorie

Noorie says take care of you family. and says I am used to Dad’s anger who interrogates as police and I search my Dad in that and I am used to accept I don’t have any family

Shankachurn ask his mom how can Arjun be alive

His mom replies he is more powerful, as powerful as Takshak and Astika

shankachurn and Mohini go to AStika and ask him did he help Arjun to survive
Astika says no if I help not even air can harm him
AStika says he has my DNA so he have my blood and powers too
Mohini ask Asktika to show some way to Shankachurn

Astika say attack human family of Arjun

Update Credit to: Kanna

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