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Naagarjun 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun tries to use his super powers to free himself and Astika, Cheemi. Astika asks him not to use his powers, else he will not be able to fight with Maskini. Tina uses book and chants mantras and sends powers to Arjun. Inspector thinks surely she has kidnapped Amroli people. Arjun uses all his powers and frees all 3 of them and falls down. Astika asks why did he sacrifice his powers to free them.

Maskini fumes how can Arjun, Astika, and Cheemi got free, only Katya can answer her. Katya comes asks if she felt an earthquake. Maskini says with her fear, earth shakes. Katya says someone provoked super powers and is not Arjun. Maskini thinks if Arjun’s other friends have entered her lok.

Inspector points gun on Tina and asks who is she. Tina asks if he did not

that she just provoked powers from book to help Arjun. Pandey says they saw her doing black magic. She says it was science and not black magic. A monster attacks them and inspector saves Tina. Tina thanks him and sees Pandey collapsed due to shock. Inspector tries to wake him up.

Noorie sees water in broken pot and signals Aslam to get it. He silently picks water. Guard sees him and shouts to stop. Aslam hurriedly tries to feed water to Yashoda, but guard throws water. Aslam angrily holds guard’s neck. Another guards fights with Aslam and they both then beat him severely. Noorie tries to rescue Aslam, but Guards push and slap her.

Astika asks Arjun why did he sacrifice his powers. Arjun says he did not and he felt someone was helping him. Astika says it is impossible to trust his words and felt he lost his another protective ring, only time will tell which ring he lost. Along with Arjun’s powers, even he lost his powers. He turns into common human.

Noorie sees guards sleeping and thinks she has to get Yashoda out from here. She silently pulls keys from sleeping guard and tries to open door. Guard wake up and she acts as asleep. They fall back asleep. Noorie tells Yashoda not to lose her hope, she wil be back with a help. She silently opens door and escapes from there.

Arjun, Astika, and Cheemi continue to walk. Arjun asks how much they have to walk. Cheemi says just a bit as they are on last stage. Cold air blows and Arjun asks Cheemi if it is her trick. Cheemi says this is the climate of this place. Arjun says he is losing his protective rings on each stage, how will he save his parents and Maskini people. Astika asks Cheemi if she knows how to get out of here. Cheemi says she does not know. Astika says she was Maskini’s servant and they cannot trust her. Cheemi requests to trust her and walk along. They both walk behind her.

Maskini praises Katya for his powerful inventions. Katya says Arjun is more powerful than his inventions. Maskini says nobody is powerful than her in her world. Katya says Arjun has nagmani and has Shivji’s backing. Maskini punishes him and fumes that he knew all this, but hid it from her. He says whatever they try, Arjun is powerful and will win.

Precap: Maskini calls her aide Ajgar to fight with Arjun. Astika tells Arjun tha the would not have forgiven himself if something had happened to Arjun, Arjun’s life is very precious for his family. Arjun says Astika that even he is his father.

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