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Naagarjun 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Astika and Arjun feel emotional bonding seeing each other. Vasuki while meditating realizes it on mountain. Astika goes to a broken fort on hill and looking at temple tells his soldiers that he feels mani in temple and it is possible Vasuki has hidden it in temple. Soldier says they searched whole temple. Astika says Vasuki is a great scholar and has hidden mani in unde protective barrier and he has a plan to break that barrier. He sends black smoke into city. Soldier asks what if people panic seeing smoke. Astika says people will not see it and smoke will go only where mani’s rays are. Arjun is seen prayin gin temple and hiis head glows with nagmani. Asthika says only nagmani’s superpowr will break this smoke. Rays emerge from Arjun’s head and breaks smoke. Asthika

feels the power and says nagmani is in this Amroli’s temple. Soldier says then they should attack soon. Astika says not now, Vasuki has tricked them for 20 years and they have to prepare to fight with Vasuki, this temple will become their battleifeld.

Arjun repairs bike in a garage till late night. Aslam asks if he does not want to go home. Arjun says he will finish this bike and go. Electric bulbs flicker and Vasuki comes in. Arjun says he was searching him and if they are related. Vasuki says calm down, he will get answers himself for sure, but now he is going away as he does not want any trouble on him. Arjun asks why he will get trouble. Vasuki says whenever he is in trouble, he should chant bam bam 3 times and ring temple bell, he will come to him wherever he is.

SP asks inspector if he brought Arjun. Inspector says he has sent someone. Arjun comes back to work in the morning. Owner scolds him. Inspector comes and drags Arjun with him to SP’s house. SP shows Arjun’s file history, he is an orphan and was found on ghat, he does not have any relatives and is a common mechanic, why he is behind Noorie. Arjun says he did not do anything. SP slaps him. Noorie interferes and says he cannot abuse his friend. SP shouts this roadside boy. Noorie says she has right to select her friends and continues that he is acting as jailer than father and did not perform his duties well after mom’s dead. He tries to slap her, but Arjun holds his hand and says he is sparing him as he is Noorie’s father, else he would have broken his hand if anyone would touched Noorie or any other girl. He continues if he thinks culture comes with family, then he is wrong and if he thinks he did wrong by confrontig his wrongdoings, then he can arrest him or else he will leave now. Noorie tries to stop Arjun, but SP stops her and she walks in angrily. SP fumes that Noorie confronted him because of Arjun, he will ruin Arjun’s life.

Arjun reminisces SP’s words while driving bike and is about to ram his boke to a jeep when jeep driver applies brakes. At Arjun’s home, his uncle says he went to police station and he is not there. Aunt taunts that they brought orphan home and he is showing true color. Arjun enters. Dad asks where was he. Aunt continues again. Mom takes Arjun in.

Soldier asks Asthika how can he tell they will find Vasuki tomorrow. Asthika says he will mix poison in prasad and it will affect everyone except Vasuki, Vasuki will be forced to give him mani, tomorrow mani will be in his hands. He then leaves as snake.

Precap: Asthika mixes poison in prasad and thinks Vasuki will have to come in front of him.

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