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Shankchurn continues beating Arjun ruthlessly. He hits Arjun’s head on stone and then breaks his backbone. Arjun falls down totally broken and unsconscious. Mohini comes and orders him to attack him with his full powers, Arjun is half nag and Shankchurn is full nag. Shankchurn becomes snake and bites Arjun’s neck. He then becomes human again. Mohini smirks and says it is time for throwing Arjun’s deadbody in water. She gets snake trap and orders him to tie Arjun with this and throw him deep in water. Shankchurn ties Arjun’s hands and legs with snake trap and throws him in deep well. Arjun’s body reaches deep down. Mohini says they have sent him where even Astika cannot find him. Shankchurn says he proved age old bhavishyavani that a half human will become

Nagarjun, he will become nagarjun now.

Yashoda waits for Arjun. Maheshwar asks her to go in as it is raining outside. She says Arjun has not come back home. He goes to search.

Mohini comes to Astika and tries to lure him, saying they got a second chance to live like a complete family. He touches her forehead and see how Shankchurn threw Arjun in deep well. He says he is waiting for someone. she says she can understand and leaves asking him to rethink about her words. Soldier comes and says he did not find Arjun anywhere. Astika via telepathy says saw Mohini’s memory rays and saw Arjun is somewhere around modak shaped mountain, he should go and search deep everywhere and not just shallow. Soldier nods yes and leaves.

Noorie gets worried for Arjun and prays her mom’s photo to protect Arjun more than her. Photo falls down. She thinks Arjun must be in trouble and calls him. Chutki picks call and says she is very afraid as Arjun left home early in the morning leaving phone at home and did not return yet, even baba has gone searching him. Noorie asks her not to worry, she will bring back Arjun. Maheshwar searches Arjun in city and asks people if they saw Arjun. People say no.

Arjun is seen deep in well unconscious. Noorie calls Aslam and informs that Arjun is missing. He meets her and they both start searching him. They see Maheshwar who asks what are they doing here. Noorie ways she had called Chutki who informed Arjun did not return home, so theya are searching him. Maheshwar says they should go home. Noorie says they have to find Arjun and they know one more place where Arjun goes. They go to mountain cliff and find Arjun’s bike. Maheshwar sees blood on bike and says Arjun must have met with an accident, so they should search him in hospital.

Soldiers inform Astika that they did not find Arjun anywhere and if they should search again. Astika says no need and sends them. Vasuki says Arjun’s life is in danger. Astika says as pas nag lok scriptures, Arjun will become Nagarjun and if he does not, it is better if he dies. Vasuki says he cannot say that. Astika makes him invisible again angrily.

Yashoda prays god to protect her son and chants mantras. Arjun wakes up and thinks how can he breathe in water, where is he. Nagmani shines from his forehead. Astika watches thatwith his superpowers and says his belief and nagloks scriptures are true, Mohini thought she killed Arjun, but she made him Nagarjun, now he will bring Arjun here. He goes and pulls Arjun up.

Precap: SP orders Shankchurn to bring Arjun to him. Shankchurn beats Arjun again. Astika says more Shankchurn attacks Arjun, his nag powers will get stronger. Arjun hits his head on shivling and shouts, his head glows

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