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Astika asks Cheemi if she is trying to trick and misguide them. Cheem asks if they did not see she is free from Maskini’s black magic and they saw it. Arjun says nothing is believable here. Cheemi asks to trust her. In cave, Pandey gets afraid and cries that his children will not see his face again. Tina says according to this book, they are nearing their destiny. Inspector says they will sit and read this book. Pandey says they have to go back, else they will die. Inspector asks him not to worry, he knows what he is doing. Tina checks book. Inspector apologizes Tina for doubting and misbehaving with her. Tina says it is okay, policemen are habituated to doubt. She checks book and says she morning walks on this route and explains if Arjun reaches Maskini lok and saves Amroli

people, they will back in Amroli. Pandey says they should go back to Amroli. Tina says she will not go back without freeing Amroli people. Inspector says yes. Pandey comments again. Inspector asks to follow him.

In Maskini’s jail, Yashoda feels short of breath and gets a panic attack. Noorie and Aslam get worried and plead guard to get chachi out. Gaurd laughs it is good if one more person dies, their nagrani will be happy. Noorie cries where is Arjun, when will he come to save them. Yashoda falls unconscious.

Mohini pleads Maskini to trust her and her son and spare them. Maskini says how to trust her, where is shankchurn. Mohini says she does not know. Maskini says she told Shankchurn will be with Astika and Arjun and will kill them, she told him if he needs his mother alive, he should kill his father and brother, but he did not. Someone else is showing a path in stead of Shankchurn and bringing them here. Gaurds hold Mohini. Mohini pleads that they both have tricked Shankchurn, else Shankchurn will never betray. Maskini says Shankchurn wants to kill his own father and brother and does not want to save his mother, when he is not of his family’s, how will he be his aide. She orders guards to take her from here and punish.

Tina contiues walking according to map in book. Inspector walks behind him. Pandey says he cannot cross stone hole. Inspector asks to suck in his tummy and come out. Pandey does. Inspector asks Tina to give some water as Pandey needs it. PAndey asks if he…thhen says yes. Tina gives her bag and asks to drink water and follow. Inspector checks her bag and finds knife in it and continue searching. Tina asks what is happening. Inspector returns her bag and tells Pandey that he is right, this girl has kidnapped Amroli people, they have to reach Amroli soon and arrest this girl.

Astika and Arjun continue walking behind Cheemi. Cheemi says this jungle can take life. They hear voice and walk ahead. Cheem is trapped and dragged away from there. Astika and arjun see her missing and walk back and find her tied to a tree and struggling to breathe. Astika tries to free her wit his super powers, but in vain. They both are also tied.

Tina continues walking. Inspector asks why she is keeping this book with her always. Tina says they can free Amroli people only via this book. Inspector says he wants to see this book. Tina asks if he changed his mind, if he does not remember how she saved their live some time ago. Inspector reminisces Tina saving them from monster and asks again to give book. Tina gives book. Inspecto checks book and asks if she is fooling him. Tina says he cannot read what is written in this book. He says he is not illiterate. Tina takes back book and continues walking. Pandey says this girl is fooling us. Inspector asks to just follow her.

Arjun unable to free himself tells Astika that he has to use his powers to free themselves. Astika says he has to save his powers to fight with Maskini. Arjun says he can use energy only if they are alive and how they will save mama and papa. Astika asks again not to use his powers. Cheemi thinks what Arjun will do now.

Tina continues walking and a monster walks behind her. She gets afraid hearing voice and turns to find no one around. She thinks if she calls inspector, she will die. Pandey comes there and shouts feeling bright light. Inspector asks why she is moving fast. Tina asks why can’t they speed up, they are stuck in a dangerous place. Place starts moving. Inspector asks what is this. Tina takes a device and says Arjun is somewhere around. Arjun uses his superpowers to free him and Astika, Cheemi.

Precap: Maskini tells Katya rishi that only she can use powers in her world. Katya says someone used enormous powers and it is not Arjun. Maskini shouts he betrayed her and sent powers to Arjun repeatedly.

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