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Mohini tells Astika it is clear that he went to Amroli searching his human son and in lieu of searching nagmani protecting his son. He says his motto is to get nagmani. Shankchurn says then why did maharaj Takshak sent him to bring mani. Mohini says yes, Takshak sent them here to bring nagmani. Astika thinks they got Takshak’s support now, he has to stop their cruelty with carefully. He says his hope is hope is only with his nag son and not human son, Shankchurn is his legal heir. Shankchurn says if this is true, then why is his human son still alive. Astika says it has 2 reasons, he does not want to take sin of killing a son and he does not want to deprive Shankchurn of his pride, he wants Shankchurn to kill Arjun and himself become Nagarjun. Vasuki watches it with his superpowers and

thinks why is Astika risking Arjun’s life knowingly. Mohini asks then what is Arjun’s importance. Astika says his importance is to get killed by Shankchurn. Mohini asks if he is telling truth. Astika orders Shankchurn to go and kill Arjun. Arjun says he will prove that he is superior. Mohini says then she will go and watch Shankchurn killing Arjun and take 20-year-old revenge. They both leave. Vasuki watches everything and Astika notices that.

Astika meets Vasuki and confines him. Arjun goes to temple and beats temple bells and repeats Bol Bam to call Vasuki. Vasuki asks why did he confine him. Astika asks why was he watching his plan. Vasuki says Arjun’s powers are not yet active. Arjun’s hands start beating. He hears Arjun calling him and tries to break barrier. Astika laughs that a scholar Vasuki cannot free himself, how will he protect Arjun. He makes Vasuki a miniature. Vasuki says he is making a big mistake. Astika says he will go and meet Arjun now. He goes to temple and asks why is he troubling himself, whoever he is calling will not come, he has come instead and cannot see him in pain. He takes Arjun along and nurses his wounds. Astika as miniature on table sees everthing.

Arjun asks Astika why is he concerned about him. Astika says he is not a common human and says he had a son who looked like him. He just knows that his son was not common like him. Arjun says he is confused seeing all the incidents happening around, who is he. Astika says he cannot answer him, but can help him get answer, asks since when he is facing these incidents. Astika reminisces Vasuki touching his face. Astika says Vasuki must be enemy in disguise. Arjun asks how will he differentiate between friend and enemy. Astika asks him to go home now. Vasuki calls him, but he cannot see Vasuki and says he felt someone is calling him. Astika says it must be his mom’s heart calling him and asks to go home. Arjun leaves.

Vasuki asks Astika why is he playing a risky game. He says Arjun is at risk instead and shows via telepathy Arjun traveling in bike and Shankchurn attacking him. Vasuki asks why is he doing this with his human son. Astika says Arjun’s nag powers will activate only if he is in trouble and tries to fight out. Vasuki says Shankchurn may severely injure Arjun. Astika says he has promised Takshak to bring nagmani even if he has to become so cruel and kill someone.

Arjun gets up from dirt and does not find anyone around. Mohini comes there and thinks Shankchurn will kill Astika’s human son, she does not trust Astika, so she will not let him watch Arjun’s death. She breaks Astika’s telepathy. Vasuki shouts Arjun’s powers are not yet activated, Shankchurn will kill him. Astika angrily makes him invisible again.

Shankchurn attacks Arjun and Arun falls meters apart and asks what problem he has. Shankchurn says driving without helmet is one problem and he is his biggest problem, so he came to solve it permanently. He attacks Arjun again. Arjun asks why is he beating him, what did he do. Shankchurn says he has troubled him a lot and his questions will die with his death.

Precap: Mohini says Astika that Shankchurn will get mani from Arjun today after killing him. Shankchurn severely injures Arjun hitting his head to a stone and throws him in air.

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