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Cheemi bat fumes seeing Arjun, Astika and Shanchurn escaping from her trap. Astika says Shankchurn and Arjun that whatever he doubted came true, Cheemi came even here searching them. Shankchurn says he is right, they should be careful. Astika advises Arjun that he did not fight with this kind of monster yet, she will attack his throat and he needs to be careful. They start walking. Cheemi throws her powers. Arjun and Shankchurn cough. Astika says they have to get into light away from this darkness. Cheemi laughs that she found them and their story will end now. She shouts so fiercely that they all 3 cannot bear it and hold their ears. Astika says they have to reach towards light immediately. Cheemi shouts she came back. They hold their ears again. She attacks Shankchurn and

he also defends himself. Astika says Arjun that Cheemi’s power is in darkness, they have to get light here. He orders Arjun to provoke his nagmani powers. Arjun starts tweaking his powers. Cheemi shouts at Shakchurn that he betrayed her and she hates him. She throws her powers on him shouting.

Maskini waits eagerly for Cheemi to return with Arjun, Shankchurn and Astika’s death news. They all 3 cannot fight with Cheemi togther, she is more powerful than them. A servant who brings food for her drops it on Maskini’s chair and it burns. Maskin shouts how dare she is to burn her chair. Servant apologizes. Maskini says she will kill her and then apologize her. stika strangulates Cheemi’s neck. Maskini feels pain on the other side. Cheemi pierces her nail in Astika’s throat. He cannot bear it and asks Arjun to throw light. Arjun throws light andd Cheemi looses her power. Astika strangulates and throws her on floor. Maskini fumes realizing Cheemi is defeated.

Shankchurn acting ans thiking of killing Cheemi walks towaeds Cheemi. Astika stops him and says Cheemi is relieved from Maskini’s black magic. Cheemi says Katya rishi told truth that a yodha/warrior will come from another world and will free her from Maskini’s black magic, asks Astika if he is that yodha. Astika says it is Arjun. Arjun says they have to go now. Astika says trying to fight with Cheemi, Arjun lost his one more protective ring. Arjun asks Cheemi if she can take her to Maskini lok. Cheemi says she lost her powers, but can tell them the route. Arjun says it is on east side. Cheemi says it is very dangerous and they have to go through 1000s of death. Shankchurn says they are warriors and are ready to fight 1000 death. Cheemi says he told he is Maskini’s friend and she needs to be alert. Asktika scolds Shankchurn that he tried to trick them again. Shankchurn says he did not and Cheemi is tricking them, even he wants to save earth and humans. He thinks he has to kill Cheemi before Astika believes her and kills him. He says Cheemi is a bat and is trying to fool them. Asthika shouts to stop, she is out of black magic and it is clear. Shankchurn says he did not believe his nag putra and is not believing even now, he will go on the same path on which he used to and will not risk his life on Cheemi’s path, he will reach Maskini lok safely. Arjun tries to stop Shankchurn. Astika says let him go. Cheemi shows them path.

Inspector and his team continue walking in cave by capturing Tina. Tina asks to save torch battery as they have to travel a lot. Pandey says she wants to trick them. Inspector says once they find a way, they will be out. Tina says they will walk only here whole life. Inspector says shut up, they have to find the path. They hear animal’s voice and follow it. Pandey gets afraid. One more constable goes missing followed by another. Inspector shoots in air . A monster attacks inspector and Pandey. Tina lights fire torch and monster runs from there. Inspector points gun at Tina next and shoots. It hits monster behind Tina.

While following Cheemi, Arjun asks Astika if Cheemi is tricking them. Astika says not to worry, they will know it soon. He tells Cheemi that they are walking since a long time and did not reach anywhere, if she is trapping them in Maskini’s black magic.

Precap: Yashoda falls unconscious in Maskini’s jail. Tina and Aslam try to wake her up. Astika and Arjun continue to walk behind Cheemi who says trees around are poisonous and they need to be careful. They both see Cheemi disappearing.

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