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Yashoda holds Arjun’s chilhood toy and thinks he should not be in trouble. Arjun is surrounded by fire circle. Noorie while traveling with Rajveer and Mohini feels Arjun is in trouble. Maheshwar sees Yashoda holding Arjun’s toy and asks if she thinking when will Arjun’s children play with them. Yashoda says Arjun is still a body and she is worried about him. Maheshwar says she should trust Arjun and his fate.

Arjun panics seeing fire around him. Astika performs shivling pooja. Vasuki comes and asks if he is trying to protect himself from unkown enemy or from his family. Astika says he knows he is trying to provoke him against his family, but he will not. Vasuki hopes Astika realizes his family’s true intention to kill him.

Tina comes on bike to rescue

Arjun and calls him. He wakes up. She crosses fire circle, picks him and gets him out. She asks him if he is fine, how did he get into fire. He says he does not know how he came here.

Rajveer takes Noorie to SP’s office. Noorie asks why have they come here, where are papa’s files, where is papa. Rajveer says he found her papa’s car where wild animals live, they ate papa’s body and shows uniform, kerchief and ring. She asks what happened to papa. He sys animals ate SP totally. She says this cannot happen. He says even he could not believe until he saw lab report, he lost his guru. He says it happened on amavasya night and says she will nothear full truth. She asks what happened that night. He says she wil not believe him, Arjun came to meet SP a day before SP was killed. She asks why did he meet papa. Rajveer says whoever Arjun met recently have died, earlier temple lady, then sadhu, now her papa. Noorie says she will speak to Arjun right now. He stops her and says they have to pray for her papa’s soul’s peace, he will get truth out.

Tina asks why does not he know what happened, she came on time as her appointment got cancelled, else….She sees his wound healing and asks how did it happen. He says he was not injured. She sees even fire circle vanishing and asks what is happened. Arjun sits on bike and reminisces Astika scolding Mohini and Rajveer and tells Tina he is going to get answers and leaves.

Noorie tries to call Arjun, but Rajveer snatches phone and asks her to rest. She says how can she rest, she wants to know from Arjun why he met her papa. He sees Mohini and Nagmaya coming and hynotizes Noorie. Nagmaya says she warned Agneye is not loyal, he attacked Arjun without their permission and Arjun got escped. Rajveer says they cannot see what he is seeing. Mohini asks what. He says Arjun was very afraid and Tina saved him, next time Tina will not reach to save him and Agneye will kill Arjun. Nagmaya asks what if Vasuki or Astika has sent Tina there. Rajveer calls another soldier who says even if Agneye fails to kill Arjun, he can kill Vasuki, Astika, and even Arjun with right hand. He vanishes show piece by touching it.

Agneye and soldier enter Astika’s house and kill his soldiers. Agneye shouts he did not need myster man’s help. Soldier says work had to be done cleanly and they cannot leave any clue. Astika senses them and warns to come out. They both come in front of him.

Precap: Arjun strangulates Astika and asks if he really does not know who Mohini and Rajveer are. Astika says he does not know anything. Arjun says then he is waste for him and picks spear to kill him.

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  1. Epi was nice please fast update… Eagerly waiting r next epi ….. I guess astika will die coz nikitin dheer is goint to quit this show..

    1. Don’t say that yar

      1. i also love nikitin dheer in serial as astika .lets us hope he will not quit … 🙁 🙂

  2. Epi was ok if Arjun will go to astika then what about noori

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