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Arjun says Maheshwar and Yashoda that he is their son Arjun Maheshwar asks how can he. Arjun says due to magical powers, his body and face changed, but his feelings are same. Yashoda says her same came. Maheshwar says he is an imposter and not our soon, if he is, he should prove it. Arjun asks how to prove and asks Tina, Aslam and Chutki if even they did not identify him. Tina asks what happened to his face. Arjun says he does not how, if baba was alive, he would have told. Maheshwar asks him to go. Arjun says he does not know how to prove and leaves. Yashoda says their Arjun is going. Tina says if he was not Arjun, how can he know about Vasuki. Maheshwar says Vasuki would have informed him then. Yashoda says her son went back again.

Shankchurn fumes in front of Mohini and Nagmaya

that Arjun insulted him in front of whole Amroli, he will not spare Arjun. He leaves. Mohini says she has to calm down Shanckhurn, else he will be harmed by Arjun.

Arjun stands on cliff and emotionally reminisces his family. Shankchurn comes and starts taunting him that even his family did not identify him, but soon whole Amroli will know that he is a snake. He continues pestering Arjun and says what will happen if Noorie will know that he is the monster who killed people. Arjun says he himself will inform Noorie. Shankchurn says he is Noorie’s fiance and has right to enjoy her. Arjun shouts what he needs. Shankchurn says nagmani. Arjun says he will not get that. Shankchurn says he can kill him and get it. Arjun asks to try and they both lock horns. Mohini comes and stops their fight and asks Arjun to go from there. She scolds Shankchurn if he forgot that Arjun is nagarjun now and can kill him in seconds. Shankchurn shouts if she wants to sit like a coward. She says he has to use emotional game and get nagmani from Arjun. He says he knows Arjun’s weaknes and how to attack his weakness.

Noorie watches news that police still doubts that rakshas/monster is roaming freely in Amroli. She thinks what is happening to Amroli. She reminisces her love for Arjun and cries where is Arjun, she thought he would be on her side, but he ran away like coward, she thought he is different from others, but he is ot, she made a mistake by trusting and loving him. Arjun calls her. She thinks why she is hearing Arjun’s voice and he is around her, why is she thinking about him when he does not care her.

Nagmaya tells Shakchurn that Takshak was very angry and would have attacked earth if Astika would not have stopped him. Shankchurn says how did Takshak came into Astika’s words, why Astika is worried about eath and Arjun. Nagmaya says Astika did right, else both earth and naglok would hae been destroyed. Shankchurn says he does not care about all this, he will use Noorie to harm Arjun.

Noorie continues crying why she is thinking about Arjun. Arjun comes as snake and standing near door thinks how will she react seeing his new face, but he has to tel her what all happened. Noorie continues crying that she does not to think about Arjun and falls asleep. Arjun knocks door and not hearing from her enters in in snake form and then takes human form. Noorie wakes up. Arjun calls her. She is shocked to see a new man i her room.

Precap: Astika says he did not want Arjun and Shankchurn to fight, whenever they come in front of each other, they will strike. Arjun is seeing beating Shankchurn.

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