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Astika informs Tina that Maskini has reached earth and wants to destroy all 3 worlds. He says he had defeated her last time with his special weapon and he could use it only once, so he cannot fight with Maskini now. Tina asks who will fight then. He says in ths yug, his son will fight and win. He tells location of his weapon that he hid it in a cave in himalayas. She asks why is he telling this to her. He says he wants her to go and inform Arjun and says as any other father he wants his legal heir with him in naglok.

Arjun and Yashoda establish new tulsi plant at their home. Shankchurn comes. Arjun asks why did he come here. Shankchurn says he saw yesterday everything. Arjun reminisces Noorie yelling at him that he lied that Rajveer is snake. Shankchurn says he is wasting nagmani,

he does not even know how to use it. Yashoda asks what did he come. He says she had complained that an unknown girl is staying in her house, so he came to enquire her. Yashoda says that girl will be here until her parents or someone comes and take her back. He says yesterday a farmer was walking in jungle and is missing since then, asks Arjun where at that time. Yashoda confronts him to stop doubting her son and leave. Maskini comes. Shankchurn looks at her. Their eyes sparkle. Arjun notices Shankchurn. Shankchurn leaves. Maskini asks Arjun what happened. He says nothing.

Maskini meets Shankchurn and Mohini in jungle. Mohini tells her that the way she is behaving, Arjun will get doubtful. She says she hates human. He says she wants to take Arjun to her world and should be very careful. Maskini angrily burns trees by spitting poison from her eyes and says her powers are 10 times more in her world and if they were in her world, she would have burnt them. She warns them and leaves. Mohini tells Shankchrun it is waste to take help from Maskini to get nagmani. He says they will get help.

Arjun takes Tina to jungle and shows burnt trees and says powerful snake was here. She says she knows about it. He asks to tell then. She says Maskini has come on earth and she did not read it in books. He asks who told her then. She says Astika informed her. He shouts all this is because of Astika who brought so many snakes here. Tina says Astika wants to help him. He shouts he does not need Astika’s help and even she should not take. He walks angrily reminiscing Tina’s words that Maskini has come. He thinks if Astika told llie to call him to naglok, why will Maskini come on earth alone. He senses someone behind him and turns as snake. A lady holds his legs and pleads to save her child, someone has kidnapped him. He asks her to calm down, he will find her son.

Astika sends cloud on earth. Urmi asks why did he send it. Cloud passes over Maskini and Shanckhurn and goes back to naglok turning completely black. Astika says it turned black like Maskini’s intentions and says something is masking Maskini, so he cannot smell her presence on earth.

Maskini leaves after chatting with Shankchurn. Astika comes there and asks what is happening here. Shanchurn says Kaalbhairav is creating havoc here and wants to kill Arjun. Astika holds his neck and says where is kaalbhairav, why is he not sensing im, if he is lying.

Precap: Maskini thinks Astika is somewhere around and if he sees Kalbhairav, he will overpower kalbhairav. Maskini mixes poison in Tina’s tea and serves it to her. Tina sips.

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