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Shankchurn at naglok breaks things angrily. Mohini asks him to calm down. He says how can he, Arjun is the same boy because of him she is living a widow and he an orphan live, Astika went to earth to get his son. She asks him to calm down. He asks how can he. She says he should calm his anger and not his flame of revenge. She hears snakes around and takes him aside and creates invisible barrier around them. He asks why did she create this barrier. She says she does not want anyone to listen their discussion, not even Astika.

Arjun changes clothes and reminisces doc telling Pranali died with poison and Maheshwar telling in 100 years they did not find snakes in Amroli.

Mohini tells Shankchurn that Astika is trying to protect his son and did not let anyone know about it, he may be

preparing Arjun to become king of both worlds. Shankchurn says let us kill Arjun then. Mohini says they cannot do that and has to find out Astika’s plan first. Astika killed Pranali when she became useless to him and may kill even them if he knows that they are trying to his plan. He says he will do anything to kill Arjun.

Arjun goes to store room and cries reminiscing Pranali. He thinks what badi maa was doing in store room, why is so much emotionally attached to Pranali, he misses her a lot…

Yashoda gives aarti to Maheshwar. Maheshwar says he is worried about Arjun, why is he mourning Pranali’s death even though he knows him since 1 day. Yashoda reveals that Pranali is Arjun’s biological mother and tells him whole incident. Maheshwar is surprised. Yashoda says he is Arjun’s father, so she informed him, and he should not tell Arjun about this. He promises he will not. They both turn and see Arjun standing who asks what are they hiding from him. Yashoda says they are not hiding anything, she knows he is mourning Pranali’s death. He says they preach him to tell truth, but are lying themselves. Maheshwar says he is his loving son, why will they lie. Arjun shouts he is not his son and wants to know truth. Family inteferes and asks how can he talk to his parents so loudly, if he forgot his sanskar. Aunt taunts sanskar comes with blood and Arjun is not Shastri family blood. Arjun apologizes parents and says he misbehaved with them in anger and does not want to hurt them, if they does not want to answer him, he knows where to get answers. He leaves. Aarti lamp blows off and Yashoda gets worried.

Shankchurn with Mohini meets Astika. Astika gets anger that he ordered him not to come to earth, but he disobeyed him. He scolds Mohini that as a mother, she should teach her son marrers, but she failed. Shankchurn says Mohini is also mahraj Takshak’s daughter and he should respect her. Astika says he is insulting his father. Shankchurn says he ransacked him in childhood itself in search of nagmani and now is worried more about his human son. Astika asks what is he blabbering. Mohini says he is telling right, they know about his human son Arjun Shastri.

Yasoda sees lamp blowing and prays god to protect her son. Vasuki hears that via super powers and thinks he is moer worried about Arjun and should know Astika’s plans, but cannot as he has lost his powers.

Arjun goes to temple and calls god, where is he, he has to come and answer his questions.

Precap: Astika tells Shankchurn he wants him to kill Arjun and show his competency. Shankchurn beats Arjun and thinks he will prove he is superior than Arjun.

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  1. Sriranjani

    he is waste than arjun(shankrachun)…. The episode was little boring

  2. Madhuri

    the concept of story is nice

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