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Once Astika leaves, Nagmaya comes out of tree trunk and asks Mohini why did she agree to stay with Astika. Mohini says he would have know that she sent Garud Vajpret to kill him, once Shankchurn knows how to kill Arjun and kills him, it wil be easy. Shankchurn comes and asks how did Astika come here. Mohini asks what did his soldier tell. Shankchurn tells his soldier could read Vasuki’s mind and told Arjun is protected by nagmani’s powers and his family’s love. Mohini says she will kill Arjun’s each family member and will start with Noorie. She says this time she has powerful weapon to kill Arjun, Agneye.

Nagmaya says what if Astika knows about it. Shankchurn asks her not to worry about that. Nagmaya orders Agneye to get up in human body. Agneye enters dead

human’s body and wakes up. Man opens his eyes and burns tree. He then looks at Mohini and she gets afraid. He shouts he hates human, who dare to call him via human body. Shankchurn apologizes him and says it was really needed as Astika is trying to make his human son as nagarjun. Agneye shouts he will not let any human rule over naglok, when to kill him. Shankchurn says human son Armjun is afraid of fire, he has to destroy his powers first and then kill Astika and then Arjun. Nagmaya gets afraid.

Tina takes Arjun to Noorie’s house forcefully and says they just have to ask Noorie where is his father. Noorie tries her father’s number and sits tensed. Tina enters while Arjun guards outside. Tina says Noorie she was passing by, so came to meet her, asks if her dad is fine, Arjun was telling he did not see her dad in Amroli. Noorie says she spoke to her papa in the morning and is fine. Arjun sees Shankchurn/Rajveer and Mohini coming and hides. Shanchurn senses his presence. Arjun thinks Tina came to help him and will be in trouble unnecessarily. He SMSes Tina to come out ASAP. Rajveer sees Tina and asks Noorie she got a new friend, then says he knows her, she is Arjun’s friend Tina and now even his friend then. Tina gets Arjun’s SMS and leaves saying she has important work. Shankchurn waves her bye.

Tina comes out and Arjun asks if Noorie is fine. She says Noorie told spoke to her father in the morning, but before she could question more, Noorie’s fiance came with mother and they both look weird. She gets her boss’s message and asks Arjun to drop her. Arjun says he has to stay back here and asks her to go manage somehow. She says she will punish him for this and leaves smiling.

Noorie tells Shankchurn/Rajveer and Mohini that she did not tell anyone about her papa missing, she is worried about him. Rajveer says he got orders from superiors to keep it a secret. Mohini says they have to take Noorie from here. Noorie asks where. Rajveer asks to trust him and they both take her in their car. Arjun sees that and thinks where are they taking Noorie, she does not know she is in danger.

Arjun travels in his boke. Agneye throws fire whip on his neck and Arjun falls down and sofficates. Agneye walks towars him. Arjun asks who is he. Agneye says his end and attacks agian. Arun escapes and asks what is he doing. Agneye throws whip again and ffalls him down. He then turns into fire and spreads fire circle around Arjun. Arjun panics and looks at Noorie’s given locket and calls her. Noorie senses him calling her.

Precap: Tina comes to rescue Arjun on bike and pulls him out of fire circle.

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