Naagarjun 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Divru with nag sainiks greets Takshak. Takshak says he is waste as he cannot find Arjun even till now. Divru bends head. Takshak continues that they all know he is very powerful and will find out Arjun and kill him.

Aslam rushes to Arjun’s house and informs family that Amroli people are fixing rakshas’ photos in city and want to kill rakshas. Yashoda says they have to save Arjun. Maheshwar says they should not let Arjun enter Amroli. Aslam says yes.

Takshak continues that they are going to fight against a super power nagarjun who went against them and wants to protect earth. He looks at Astika and asks if he wants to say something. Astika says guru Vasuki’s ideology is they should find a solution for problem than destroying it completely, so he should not

kill Arjun and should use him instead for naglok’s betterment. Takshak says he is right. Astika asks him to stop war and he will bring nagarjun in front of him. Takshak agrees and says if he fails, he will kill nagarjun.

Shankchurn/Rajveer addresses Amroli people that rakshas can be in any form and will come back to attack them. Arjun passes by. People say he must be rakshas. Shankchurn stops him and says he is rakshas. Arjun says he does not what they are talking about, he is coming here for the first time and was passing by and seeing crowd stopped. Shanckhurn says he is Arjun, takes locket from Arjun’s neck and says if he is not Arjun, then why is he holding Noorie’s locket. He opens locket and shows to everyone. Arjun flips locket and asks what pic he is taling about and says he is trying to fool people and blame a common men and drop them in false case. He says he can file a defamation case on him and apologizes people for disturbing them. People scold Shankchurn that they should not have listened to him and waste their time. Arjun walks way with his locket while Shankchurn fumes.

Yashoda cries that she does not where her Arjun is. Maheshwar asks her not to worry, their son will return soon. Arjun enters and Yashoda senses him and turns calling Arjun. He emotionally says maa.. Aslam asks who is he. Arjun says he is Arjun. Maheshwar asks who Arjun. Arjun says, papa your son Arjun.

Mohini tells Nagmaya and Shankchurn that she does not know when will naglok calm down. Shankchurn says soon.

Precap: Shankchurn tells Arjun that he is the one who killed people as rakshas. Arjun says he himself will inform Noorie. He reaches Noorie’s house and Noorie panicks seeing a stranger and calls Shankchrun. Shanchurn breaks door and enters and acts surprised.

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