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Noorie asks Rajveer to touch holy ash pot to know if he is a snake. Rajveer wearing Maskini’s protective thread touches it and says nothing happened to him. Noorie panics how can this happen, Arjun cannot lie to her. She then meets Arjun and yells at him that he lied her, Rajveer is not a snake but he is. She angrily throws holy ash pot in well and leaves. Arjun thins even after being so careful, he lost Noorie’s trust agian, how Rajveer escaped from holy ash. Rajveer sees his reaction hiding. Arjun then reminisces Noorie’s words and repeatedly thinks from where did Rajveer get so many powers, whatever it is he will not let Noorie become a target between their fight.

At naglok, Astika senses via his supowers that some powerful snake is on earth. Urmi asks if

Maskii has gone on earth. He says he does not know, but he is sensing a powerful snake on earth. He sends his powers to check where Maskini is.

Maskini sees her powers failing and realizes today is poornima and she has to stop Arjun from feeling her smell, else her plan will fail. She becomes snake and leaves. Astika’s power follows her. Arjun comes to the place and smells nake and thinks if it is the same snake. He starts running behind snake Maskini. Snake hides. He thinks how can snake escape, if snake wants to harm maa and Chutki. He rushes home.

Shankchurn hides Maskini in Katya rishi’s diamond and takes her to Arjun’s home. She asks how did he know about all this. He says even he has sixth sense and tells he reminisced Katya rishi’s words and even saw Arjun running behind her, so he saved her on time. He keeps diamond on his bed beind pillow and leaves. Astika in naglok tells Urmi he sensed snake on earth, but how can it escape. He does not know what Maskini is up to.

Arjun reaches home and sees Chutki and Yashoda sound asleep. He then thinks where thhe girl is, if she is snake. He checks Maskini’s room via his superpowerrs and does not see her in room. He then opens door and and enters. Maskini comes and clashes with him. She falls and he holds her. She asks if he is trying to spy her. He says no…actually there are a lot of problems happening in Amroli, so anything can happen. She says yes. He says if she sees any problem, she can call him. He leaves. She thinks he brought her here and she will trap him in her love, he does not know what she is going to do with Amroli.

In the morning, Urmi comes to earth and searches for snake. Astika also comes. She greets him and says he came on earth after a long time. He says she doubted him when he told Maskini is on earth and wanted proof. He shows burnt tree and says it is burnt by Maskini’s poison and not fire. He asks her to go back to naglok and be ready to handle any situation.

In the morning, Yashoda goes to pray tulsi plant and sees it dry. She calls Arjun and says a big disaster will come on Amroli. She leaves with Maskini to bring another tulsi plant. Arjun thinks he has to find what the problem is soon.

Tina goes to jungle and searches for insects and does not find any. She senses someone around her and gets afraid. Astika comes and introduces himself and says he came to meet her as she is researching on snake and even Arjun’s friend. He says Maskini has come on earth and wants to destroy all 3 worlds. Last time, he defeated her with his weapon, this time he cannot. She asks who will defeat her then. He says his son Arjun.

Precap: Shankchurn taunts Arjun that he is wasting nagmani and not using his powers, he can’t even identify what problem will come on earth. Arjun with Tina sees burnt tree and says it is due to powerful snake poison. Tina says Maskini has come on earth. He asks who told her. She says Astika. Arjun shouts all problems because of Astika.

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