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Arjun rides bike with Noorie as pillion. Noorie asks if he is thinking she is weird that she met him yesterday and without knowing to ride wants to do mountain biking. He drives silently. She asks if he does not speak. He asks if she came to Amroli just for some days. She says drive fast. He takes her to cliff and she likes environment and continues her bak bak. He just looks at her. She asks why he is so silent, no girl will fall for him if he acts so innocent. She continues and says she does not have much time. He asks why. She says they will meet tomorrow again and he should drop her to city today.

Astika drives car and thinks he has to be one among Amroli people if he wants to stay here. Vasuki realizes Astika came to Amroli finally and says he does not know his son is also here

and is posessing nagmani.

Arjun reminisces his meeting with Noorie and imagines her there. She says let us go to city, she has less time. He asks why she says she has less time. Chutki comes and wakes him from his dream and asks if he is still dreaming about Noorie. He smiles. She says parents are calling for pooja.

Arjun joins his parents in pooja. Pandit asks elder son to come and do pooja. Dad signals Arjun to come forward. Arjun sits for pooja. His aunt stops him and says he is not their legal heir and is a dirty blood of someone, so he cannot sit in pooja. Pandit back sher. She asks her another nephew to sit for pooja. Arjun feels bad and after pooja walks out angrily while mom calls him repeatedly and getting sad that he left without having food. Chutki asks her not to worry, she will give food to him.

Chutki walks on cliff with Arjun’s friend caling him. Friend asks why her brother comes here. Arjun is seen sitting on big snake idol’s head looking at city. He hears Chutki calling her and comes down to meet her. She gives him food. He asks if she ate. She says no. He says it is bad, she should eat food on time. They both feed each other. Friend also enjoys food and asks why he is sitting here like devdas. Chutki says because of aunt. Arjun reminisces aunt’s yelling and Vasuki touching his feet. Arjun says he is experience many weird things recently which he does not have answer. Chutki says she ahs answer and takes 100 rs from friend Aslam and says whenever she does not find answer, she searches in interent and if not interent then god. He says okay.

Astika comes to temple with his soldiers. Pandit tells Arjun’s dad that Astika is a very rich man and wants to stay here tonight, they have to arrange for his stay tonight. He greets Asthika in and Asthika gifts bundles of money. Pandit asks so much money. He says he earned a lot and now wants to return some to god, he wants to stay here and renovate this temple lavishly. Pandit says he will arrange his stay. Astika says he will find place himself. He then walks out with his soldiers.

Arjun comes to temple and breaks coconut. A piece falls in front of Astika’s feet. He goes and picks it and touches Astika’s feet unknowingly. Astika feels emotional bonding but leaves. Arjun also feels emotinoal bonding. After walking a bit, they both look at each other.

Precap: Asthika tells his soldiers that tomorrow aarti will bring a big war for Amroli. Vasuki tells Arjun that he does no want to trouble him. Astika says by now poison would have mixed in prasad and will show its effect. People fall down after eating prasad. Arjun also eats prasad.

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