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Naagarjun 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shankchurn tells Arjun’s family and Tina that he fond door for prithvi lok and asks Tian to use her mantras as his powers won’t wrk here. Tina chants mantrs from her book. Shankchurn asks to be fast. Maheshwar sees door opening and shows them all. Shanckhrun says this is door to prithvi lok and asks them all to enter fast before it closes.

Maskini tells Arjun that if she wants, she can read his miind, but she wants to trust him. Arjun says whatever she is seeing is true. Maskini picks fruit and asks to eat it and prove that he loves her and will never leave Maskini lok. Arjun says if she will trust him if he eats it, then he will. He takes fruit and thinks he knows if he eats it, he will lose his powers and he will never go back to earth. He takes it near his mouth

when he hears Shankchurn’s voice that he found prithvi lok’s door and is taking his family from Maskini. Arjun smiles and keeps fruit back. Maskini asks why is he smiling. Arjun says they cannot unite on Maskini lok.

Shankchurn gets everyone on prithvi lok. Maheshwar thanks god. Yashoda sees Noorie tensed and says she must be thinking whether Arjun will return or not, she is proud of her son that he is ready sacrifice his life for them all. Chutki says Arjun promised that he will return soon. Shankchurn says they should leave this place soon. Amrooli people return home and meet their families.

Arjun tells Maskini if they unite here, his powers will vanish and their offsprings will be powerless, so they should unite on prithvi lok. Maskini thinks how can this be.

Back home, Noorie looks sad and Yashoda/Tina try to cheer her up. Shankchurn hope he could have lessen Noorie’s pain, if he could send his message to Arjun. Noorie reminisces her and Arjun’s romance and their marriage. She reminisces Maskini asking Arjun if he will marry her or not. Arjun says his answer is same, he will go back to prithvi lok and will marry only Noorie. Maskini says then be here forever.

Maskini reminisces Arjun’s words and thinks whether to trust him or not, she is marrying him for his powers and without powers, there is no use of marriage. If she should go back to prithvi lok or not. Her aides come and inform that soldiers left jail inmates in black jungle and they must have died by now. As per holy scriptures, secret of getting out of jungle is hidden. Maskini thinks Tina and others must have died by now, so she can go to prithvi lok.

Shankchurn sees Tina reading magical book and asks how did she get it. She says she researched a lot on nags andd many hidden worlds and her boss gave this book. He says he is unable to connect with Arjun, is there any mantra in this book with which he can connect o Arjun. She says no. Shankchurn thinks how to help Arjun. Arjun in maskini lok thinks if Maskini understood what he wanted to say or not. Shankchun hurriedly walks towards door. Yashoda asks where is he going. He says naglok as he is unable to know how is Arjun and help him, at least in naglok he can help Arjun. He tells Noorie he fulfilled his promise made to Arjun to take his family safely to prithvi lok, now he will go back to naglok to help Arjun from there. He walks out.

Maskini goes to katya and says she needs Arjun’s powers, but Arjun says his powers will work on prithvi lok only. Katya says Arjun is right.

Precap: Maskini slaps Katya and leaves. Arjun apologizes Katya for watching his insult helplessly. Katya says only he can destroy Maskini. Arjun takes his blessings.

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