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Tina twists Arjun’s hand and he shouts it is paining. Yashoda gets worried that Arjun may get anger and show his snake signs, she asks her to leave him. She leaves Arjun and says she will go back to guest house as she always takes Arjun’s side. Arjun says he will handle her and says he will bring Tina’s baggage to guest room. She she says it is on door. Arjun follows Tina with bags to guest room. Tina asks him to be careful as bags have delicate items. He asks where to keep them. She says on cupboard, on table, etc. He says she is not a kid now. She sees locket in his neck and sees Noorie’s pic in it. She asks if he loves Noorie, then why is he letting her married to someone else. He says that story has ended. She says she will go to Noorie’s house and find

out why Noorie is marrying someone else. Arjun warns her not to go there. She says she will and he will take her there.

In jungle, Mohini sucks a man’s blood and kills him and asks Nag maya to call great Agmeye and vanish this man’s body. Nagmaya says she is worried that Astika will try to find out who gave information to garud that he has gone weak, Astika’s human son could easily injure garud. Shankchurn says she does not have to worry about it, before Astika gets his powers back on amavasya night, garud will kill him, and he will take care of Arjun.

Vasuki sees children fighting in temple venue and gives them moral gyaan to live with love with friends and relatives, love is the best solution for fight and hatred. He distributes them toffees. Arjun meets him and reminds that they met before. Vasuki says yes. Astika says he told love is solution for fight and hared, what about a person with black powers.

Shankchurn asks Nagmaya to call agmeye as only she as super powers to tackle Arjun. Nagmaya says it is not nagmani, but something is backing Arjun and tey need to know. Shankchurn says his soldier is around Arjun and knows to read his mind, he will know what is in Arjun’s mind.

Vasuki tells Arjun that bad and good are both created by god, so he just need to have faith god. Shankchurn’s soldier reads Arjun’s mind hiding. Arjun senses him and says Vasuski that someone is there. Soldier hides. Vasuki says there is no one here and says he came here to pray. Arjun says he came to find answers for his questions and got them through him.

Mohini asks Nagmaya to call Agmeye soon. Nagmaya says Astika though is powerless now will easily sense naglok’s black powers. Mohini asks her to live to her. Nayama starts burning man. Astika senses black powers and thinks Mohini must be using black powers to kill Arjun and she must have brought garud Vajpret here.

Shankchurn meets his soldier and asks what is in Vasuki’s mind. Soldier says Vasuki has lost his powers and he could find out how Arjun is getting his powers and ways to kill him.

Nagmaya tries to burn human body and gets afraid sensing Astika coming there. Mohni says she does not have to worry. Nagmaya hides under tree trunk. Mohini hides human’s body. Astika comes and says he knows she loves him a lot and came to seek help from her. She asks what happened. He says garud attacked him and he escaped. She acts as worried. He says hewants her to be with him until his powers are back. She says she will come in sometime and asks him to go now. He leaves. She thinks Agneye’s agni/fire will kill Arjun now.

Precap: Shankchurn/Rajveer and Mohini come to Arjun’s house. Arjun thinks he has to hide Noorie before they see her. They both enter house and see Noorie with Tini. Tina gets afraid seeing them.

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