Naagarjun 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini enters Arjun’s house via kitchen tap and holding her magical diamond thinks she came here and now will see if Arjun will identify her or not. She senses Yashoda coming and gets back into tap. Yashoda tries to close tap and feels something inside. She worriedly calls Arjun. Arjun comes and closes tap and says everything is fine. Chutki on the other side see a woman’s eye glowing on rocket box and calls Yashoda and Arjun. They both come out. Chutki says eyes were glowing. Yahoda says it has glowing paper. They both go out to burn crackers. Arjun checks box and thinks why he feels something is here, if it is due to cracker smoke. He walks out. Maskini comes out of box and looks around carefully.

Astika continues waiting for Maskini near earth door. Urmi

comes and says he is naglok’s senapati and he can order anyone to stand here, what if Maskini does not come. He says she will come for sure and he does not want her to enter earth.

Arjun changes his shirt in his room. Maskini comes and stands behind him and thinks she is seeing human body closely for the first time, if Arjun’s snake senses will identify her not. Arjun senses someone behind and turns. Maskini disappears and coomes behind again and thinks Arjun could not smell her at all Arjun senses again and turns, but she disappears again. Arjun walks out and burns crackers with Chutki. Maskini watches them hiding and thinks Chutki is the easiest way to enter this house. Noorie comes wearing festival dress. Arjun stands staring her. Chutki gets seeing her and goes in to call Yashoda. Noorie walks. Arjun holds her hand and says happy diwali. Tu chal udjaye….song..plays in the background. Arjun removes Noorie’s bangle silently and keeps it in his pocket. Maskini watches everything from a distance. Aunt comes and fumes seeing Arjun enjoying with family. She sees crackers and lamp and she burns crackers silently and shouts fire….Arjun sees that and uses his superpowers to blow off fire. Maskini thnks this aunt’s heart is black like her, aunt will help her know Arjun’s family. Arjun asks aunt how did this fire start. Aunt says who knows, may be from his poison.. Yashoda confronts herr and says Arjun set off fire instead and scolds that house would have caught fire because of her and says Arjun let us go in. Maskini watches silently. Arjun senses someone is around.

Tina cleans her lab and thinks everyone is celebrating diwali and she is alone clean her lab like fool her. She sees colours on Maskini’s sketch and thinks how did this happen.

Chutki while playing with her classmates sees a bright diamond on ground and gets hypnotized and walks towards it. Maskini watches via lake. Chutki gains consciousness and thinks how did she come here. She then sees Maskini unsconscious on lake bank and calls her teacher. Tina shows Maskini’s color sketch and says she does not know it colored itself. Arjun gets Chutki’s call and rushes home. Chutki brings unconscious Maskini home. Doc checks her and says she is fine and must have fallen unsconscious due to weakness. Chutki asks Yashoda if this didi will get well or not. Yashoda says yes. Chutki says she looks so pretty like mermaid. Arjun enters home Maskini senses him coming and opens her eyes. Chutki says didi woke up. Yashoda makes her sit and asks if she is fine. Maskini nodss yes. Arjun enters room and looks at her. Maskini gets afraid thinking if Katya rishi’s black magic will work or not. She acts as afraid looking at Arjun. Arjun thinks if she is sent by his enemy and asks who is she. She starts crying. Chutki asks why is he frightening didi. Arjun says he is acting her name. Maskini says she does not remember anything. Chutki asks Arjun to go out and consoles Maskini. Arjun thinks if she is nagin, he will realize touching her. He holds her hand. Maskini acts as more afraid.

Precap: Astika informs Arjun that Maskini will attack earth with her evil army. Noorie tells Mohini and Shankchurn that she knows they are snakes, Arjun informed her and she trusts Arjun more than herself. Maskini gives Shankchurn a taweez and says with his, he will be human for 12 hours and will lose his powers.

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