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Arjun asks Vasuki how Parikshit’s family saved him. Vasuki says Parikshit’s family kept him on high light house guarded by trusted soldiers. Takshak did not to lose this opportunity. Brahim Kashyap who can revive anyone’s life walks towards palace to save Takshak. Takshak stops him and asks where is he going in a hurrry. Kashyap says heis going to save raja Parikshit from snake poison. Takshak asks what if snake is Takshak. Kashyap says he has sanjeevini vidya with which he can relive anything. Takshak asks to relive this dead tree and with his blow kills tree. Kashyap says he must be Takshak and relives tree. Takshak asks why he wants to change fate. Kashyap even he has a family and if he relives Parikshit, he will get gold which his 7 generations can use. Takshak gives

him more gold and asks him to return.

Takshak then sends his soldier as fruit vendor and gets into fruit as worm. Parikshit identifies Takshak and asks to come ot of his worm form and bite him and compete rishi Shringi’s curse. Takshak kills Parikshit and gets happy that his revenge is complete. Parikshit’s son Raja Jangamajeya performs yagna to take revenge frm Takshak and snakes start falling in havan. Takshak takes shelter in indralok and holds Indrasan. Gods get afraidthat even dev log will be sucked in havan.

Arjun says he heard this story and knows how Astika brahmin saved Takshak. Vasuki says if he remembers what happened to him during havan at his home. He says yes. Vasuki says that is is because he is half snake. Arjun says Astika is cruel. Vasuki says he was not cruel and became cruel because of Takshak. He reveals that Astika his his sister Mansa’s son. Arjun asks that means he is his grandfather, that is why he saved him and engraved nagmani in him. vasuki says no and goes into flashback again where he goes to his sister Mansa’s ashram and sends Astika to stop Jangamajeya’s havan. Astika with his words convinces raja to stop havan. Raja forgets his revenge.

Vasuki goes into flashback again and tells how Takshak planned to kill whole humanity even if he has to wait for 5000 rs and meditate rigorously. Arjun asks why Takshak waited for such a long time. Vasuki says his revenge is for whole humanity and gods. He wants to kill humans by humans itself and is planning a new kurkshetra. In this yug, Arjun is born to stop Takshak, he should forget his relationships and even may fight with his dad Astika. Arjun asks why Astika is thinking of revenge when he stopped Jangamajeya. Vasuki says Takshak made him like this and he is afraid Astika will submit him to Takshak and Takshak will use him to kill humanity.

Arjun asks Vasuki if Takshak sent Mohini and Rajveer to get nagmani. Vasuki says yes. Arjun asks then why did not he destroy nagmani. Vasuki says it is shivji’s gift and he cannot destroy it. Arjun asks if nagmani was sent back to naglok via Uloopi. Vasuki tells him that Seshnag gve nagmani to nagraj and Astika killed nagraj and took nagmani. When Arjun was born, Vasuki snatched nagmani from Takshak and engraved it in Arjun. Arjun asks if nobody can kill him until nagmani is in his body. Vasuki says like him, Takshak and Astika have knowledge to remove it

Precap: Astika asks nagmaya to make him Vasuki and says he will destroy world so much that even Mahadev cannot stop him.

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