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Naagarjun 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babruvahan comes back to tent with Chitrangadha, Uloopi, and Pundarik and is shocked to see Arjun’s head missing. Chitrangadha saays those 2 tricksters who disguised a soldiers stole Arjun’s head. Babruvahan shouts who dared to stole my dad’s head. Durbudhi and Dusahas drop Arjun’s head from cliff in to jungle and laugh that Arjun will not be alive again. Takshak shouts why did they throw Arjun’s head, he wanted to throw it in fire and cal him anger. Thhey both say now nobody can get Arjun’s head, he need not worry.

Arjun Shastri asks how did Arjun got back life then. Vasuki says Krishna could do anything, how could he see his friend dead. Krishna reaches tent and Babruvahan greets him. Krishna says Arjun has to reestablish Dharmaraj Yudistra’s

kingdom and complete ashwamedha yagna. He picks water in his palm and prays that if he has not lied in his life and established dharma, Arjun’s head wll reunite with his body and whoever hid Arjun’s head, their head will be blown out. Hee throws water on Arjun’s body and head reunites with body. He takes nagmani from Babruvahan and keeps it on Arjun’s body. Arjun relives and greets Krishna. Uloopi apologizes Krishna and says she relived his curse by provoking Babruvahan to kill him. Babruvahan apologizes Arjun who says he is proud to have him as son and praises Chitrangadha. Krishna asks Babruhavan to return nagmani to maharaj Seshnag. He says in dwapar yug, nagmani’s role is finished and he sees a big war in kalyug for nagmani. He imagines all the incidents happened from Astika fighting, Arjun Shastri’s birth, etc…

Vasuki continues that Dusahas and Durbudhi’s heads blew out as per Krishna’s wish and Krishna went back to Vaikunt, Pandavs went to Himalayas handing over kingdom to their sons. Takshak got more angry and waited for opportunity. Arjun Shastri asks from whom Takshak took revenge. Vasuki says Parikshit who was brave and pure hearted like his ancestors Pandavs. Takshak sent Kalyug who asked 5 places to live. Arjun Shastri asks what are those places. Vasuki says where there is gambling. boozing, brothel, brutality, inapproprriae work, etc. Parikshit agreed to let him stay in his territory. Kalyug changes Parikshit’s mind. Taksha tells Kalyug he wants to take Arjun’s revenge from Parikshit and asks if Parikshit who did not do anything wrong in life will do wrong. Kalyu says he will force him. Parikshit gets tired in jungle after hunting and reaches Rishi Shawmit’s ashram. Kalyug gets into his body and he insults rishi Shawmit. Rishi is in meditation. Parikshit pulls arrowww to kill Shawit, but stops and dorns dead snake on Shawmit’s neck and leaves.

Vasuki continues that Rishi Shawmik’s son Rishi Shingi was praying mahadev and was informed by another rishi that raja insulted rishi Shawmik. Rishi Shingi curses Parikshit that he will die after 7 days from snake bite. Parikshit reaches palace and Kalyug gets out of his body. He realizes what a big mistake he did and repents for his mistake. Arjun asks why did not Parikshit kill Takshak. Vasuki says Parikshit’s family tried.

Precap: Vasuki tells Arjun that Takshak wants to take revenge form whole human and wants to wage war. He says Astika was calm and good snake and is his sister’s son, Takshak made him bad and he does not want Astika to submit Arjun and his nagmani to Takshak.

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