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Naagarjun 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Astika tells Arjun that he was searching his son madly and was eager to hug him, not to worry soon he will realize Vasuki’s reality and will accept him as father and then they will go back to their home naglok. He will wait for that day. He says he got back his powers back now and leaves.

Shankchurn says Mohini that he is going to complete his goal and leaves. Nagmaya reuests Mohini to stop her son, what if Astika kills his nag putra to save his manav putra. Mohini says she is naglog’s rajkumari and is not coward like her. Nagmaya says she is just explaining her situation and says she is dissappointed that she could not kill Arjun yet and until she kills him and get nagmani for Shankchurn. Astika watches their conversation via his superpowers. Climate changes and Nagmaya

gets afraid. Astika ties their hands and drags them to his den.

Arjun informs Tina what all Vasuki told him. Tina gets excited hearing this and says his fate is related to dhanurdhari Arjun and is a power house. He says he is confused whether to believe Vasuki’s words or Astika’s and is shocked to hear he is half snake. She says she knew he is a snake when he dorned Sarpacharya”s holy rudraksha mala on her neck.

Astika drags Mohini and Nagyama to his den tying them. The plead to forgive them as they cannot bear the pain. He frees them and asks Mohini how dare she is to get into Shankchurn’s trap and try to kill him, if she does not know he has icha mrityu vardaan. She apologizes and says she will go back to naglog if he asks.

Arjun continues that he does not know whom to believe and how to know who is telling truth. Tina says if he remembers, her boss sent here to research on snake, he must be knowing something, she will go and enquire. She walks in corridor and Shankchurn comes there hiding and becomes snake.

Astika says Mohiini and Nagmaya they have to stop listening to Shanchurn and understand that Arjun is naglog and Takshak’s weapon, he has to become nagarjun. Nagmaya says he will not until he wishes to. He says Vasuki will do so many sins that Arjun will hate him and will agree to move to naglog. Nagmaya asks why will Vasuki agree. He asks her to make him Vasuki’s replica so that he can make sins and mislead Arjun, if she does not agree, he will kill her. She says whatever he says. He asks her to make him Vasuki first, he will tell her what to do next. She makes him Vasuki with her magical powers and he says he will make so many sins that even Mahadev will be ashamed of Vasuki. He asks her to get mirror, he wants to see if he looks Vasuki or not. She gets mirror and he looks at himself in mirror and sees a snake mark on his chin and scolds her why did she give him this mark purposefully so that he can be caaught He strangulates her neck. Mohini tries to rescue Nagmaya. Nagmaya says it is nature’s rule that 2 people cannot be completely same Mohini says Nagmaya will not go against them and until real Vasuki is in Amroli, there will be under risk. He asks Nagmaya to do something that Vasuki gets away from Arjun. She assures him that she will control Vasuki, but she may not for long time. He says he has to convince Arjun to come to naglog, till then she has to keep Vasuki away.

Precap: Shankchurn poisons Tina and informs Arjun to come and save Tina in 10 min if he can, says he plays game to win and always wins.

Update Credit to: MA

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