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Naagarjun 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun looks at Maskini and thinks she is not nagin, then why she risked her life to save Chutki, he has to know.

Noorie walks reminiscing Mohini’s words that she and Shankchurn will go away if Arjun proves that they are nag. She thinks Arjun will never lie to her. Arjun at his home looks at holy ash and walks towards it. Yashoda stops her and says he should not go near holy ash. He says it is okay and says he will go to Tina’s lab. She asks to be careful. He says even she should and not let Chutki out at night. She says yes. He leaves. Yashoda keeps holy ash up and gets injured by mistake. Maskini looks at her and thinks she cannot control herself seeing her blood and ahs to suck some other human’s blood. She leaves as snake

Noorie walks towards Arjun’s

house thinking Arjun will help her for sure. Maskini comes near her and thinks she is Arjun’s girlfriend about whom Shankchurn told, poor girl is her prey now. She walks behind Noorie. Noorie calls Yashoda and asks if Arjun is there. Yashoda says Arjun has gone to Tina’s lab. Maskini is about to bite Noorie when Shankchurn stops her and says her one mistake would have ruined her plan. If she had killed Noorie, Arjun would have realized Maskini is on earth and would have gone to Astika. She asks if he loves Noorie. He says he is snake and does not have love for human. He has to prove in front of Noorie that he is not snake. Maskini cluthes him in her tail and says he is a fool, he has only 6 hours left to prove he is human and not snake. Shankchurn thinks Noorie should call him before 6 a.m.

Noorie goes to Tina’s lab and says she wants to prove that Shankchurn and Mohini are snakes and needs his help. Arjun asks Tina to go and get holy ash from Yashoda and says it is time to confront Shankchurn.

A man walks on secluded road worrying. Shankchurn comes on his jeep and says he should b ecareful and says he will drop him. Man thanks him and gets into jeep. He takes man into jungle. Man asks why did he bring him here. Shankchurn says he will send him to his family and asks if he is not afraid. Man says until he is with him, why should he. Shanchurn asks him to say nagrani maskini ki jai ho. Maskini comes and clutches man in her tail and sucks his blood.

Tina brings holy ash. Arjun thinks he cannot break Noorie’s faith this time. He moves aside and asks Tina to give holy ash to Noorie. Nooie says this is same holy ash…Arjun says this is same holy ash which she did not believe in, he will use t on himself and prove that it works. Noorie says there is no need for it. Tina says Noorie trusts him, so he does not have to. Arjun insists Noorie to walk towards him and himself walks instead. Noorie pleads to stop. He starts nosebleed wih holy ash’s power and his body starts burning. Tina pushes him away and scolds if he has gone mad. Maskini watches them hiding. Tina sees Arjun in pain and helps him get up. Arjun asks Noorie to take this holy ash near Rajveer. She leaves.

Mohini tells Shankchurn that she is worried why Noorie called them, if someone is playing a game against them. Shankchurn says she is worried unnecessarily, he has solution for everything. She says she knows he has Maskini’s locket, but. Noorie comes and they both hide. Mohini gets afraid seeing holy ash in Noorie’s hand. Noorie goes to her room. Shankchurn thinks only 5 minutes are left, why Noorie is not calling him. He enters. Noorie asks where was he. He says he is ACP and was on duty. She asks him to come in. He walks near her. She shows holy ash how is he feeling. He asks why is she asking this and what is this. She asks if he not feeling anything at all. He silently looks at clock and holds bowl. Noorie is shocked.

Precap: Noorie asks Arjun why did he lie, Rajveer is not a snake and he is instead. Maskini thinks today is poornima and before her smell reaches Arjun, she should hide, else her plan will fail.

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