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Naagarjun 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Asthika sees his nag sainik’s deadbody and asks soldiers where did the find this deadbody. Soldies say in Amroli. Asthika says they got a good news after 20 years. Sharnchurn asks how is this good news. Asthika says only Vasuki can kill nag soldier like this. Sharnchurn says if he had been in his place. Asthika says he cannot be in his place and getting nagmani is his duty. Sharnchurn says he would not have taken 20 years to bring nagmani. Asthika says killing innocent people is not bravery. Sharnchurn says if he forgot Pandavs sent maharaj Dakshak from prithvi and Arjun killed Dakshak’s wife. If he takes him along, he will make prithvi lok a history. Asthika says he cannot do that.

Arjun reminisces Vasuki’s words and looks at his back in mirror. Chutki comes running

and hides under table and asks Arjun not to inform mom that she is here. Mom comes with milk glasses and asks Arjun to finish it. Dad comes and yells that he is busy drinking milk instead of working at temple. Mom asks dad if he read news paper. Dad says no and leaves. Mom finds Chutki under table and asks her to drink milk. Chutki resists. Arjun says Chutki they will compete who will drink milk first.

Asthika tells Sharnchurn that destroying Amroli is not a solution. They have to go to Amroli and take nagmani from Vasuki. Sharnchurn says he knows he wants to find his human son without whom nag lok history is incomplete. Asthika says they will head to Amroli soon.

Chutki asks Arjun what did he find in this small city. He reminisces meeting Noorie. Chutki wakes him up and asks what happened. Arjun describes her how he met Noorie and took her on bike, met with an accident and they both slipped. Chutki says he should have scolded her. Arjun says she is a good girl. Chutki says he is praising as well as complaining, if she became her favorite girl. Arjun says she is his favorite girl. She asks what is girl’s name. He says Norrie.

Noorie lying on bed reminisces Arjun and their first meeting, bike ride, etc. She smiles and thinks it is filmy, why is she thinking about him so much, if it is first love. She further reminisces their meeting and asks what she should do, she will get her papa’s police team on work.

Noorie’s dad asks his officers what info they got about boy. Officer says he is a simple guy and his father works in temple’s kitchen, he will not trouble. Dad orders to arrest boy, he does not want anyone to be arond Noorie and if they fail, he will transfer them to remote location.

Workshop owner scolds his son and wakes him up, yells that both Arjun and him are useless. Noorie comes. Boy gets happy seeing her and greets her in. Owner asks what she needs. She says she likes mountain biking and needs bike. He says they don’t sell bikes. She says she spoke to owner and he agreed to rent her a bike. Arjun comes and she says he is owner, asks if he does not control his workers. She says they have to give her bike as she is this city’s SP’s daughter. Owner gets afraid and agrees to give her bike, but requests to return it in 1 piece. She selects red bike. Arjun asks if she will do mountain biking. She says somone told one should try everything. He says yes. Owner says life is short and one should enjoy. She looks at her short dress and asks Arjun to come along. Arjun says he is busy. Owner says he can go but come back on bike. Noorie asks Arjun shall we go.

Asthika comes to Amroli with his 4 soldiers. One of them says he made all arrangements as he said. They look at cars and Asthika says they have to be alert as Vasuki can be in any form. Soldier says they are alert. Asthika says Vasuki, now big battle will happen.

Precap: Vasuki tells Arjun that he does not want to create trouble for him. Arjun breaks coconut in temple and it falls in front of Asthika. He touches Asthika’s feet while picking coconut. Asthika fees emotional attachment.

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    1. Its kind of complicated. The thing is that Astika is good but he’s on the bad side.

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