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Maskini forces Yashoda to slap Maheshwar. Yahoda gives a light slap. Maskini says she did not hear the sound and orders her guards to throw Maheshwar in fire well. Yashoda slaps Maheshwar tightly. Maskini orders guards to take them away. Maheshwar asks Arjun not to worry about them and destroy Maskini lok. Arjun shatters. Astika says Maheshwar is right, he should not lose calm and destroy maskini lok. Shankchurn says let us walk.

Maskini orders her guards Maya and Loka to order Chimmy it is time to clear her debt and bring Astika and Arjun for her. Arjun tells Astika if they walk like this, he does not know when they will reach Maskini. Astika says they have to walk to conserve their energy. They hear someone crying and Shankchurn goes to check. He finds a woman crying

who pleads to help her get back to her parents. Shankchurn says they will help her. Astika says they cannot help as this is maskini lok and she must be Maskini’s black magic. Shankchurn says as a warrior it is their duty to help her. Astika says he knows his duty, but this is maskini’s lok. A woman walks with them. Shankchurn asks how did she come here. Woman disappears. Astika says he told she was not a helpless woman and was maskini’s black magic. They see things changing there and Astika asks to get ready to attack. They attack in air.

Inspector and his team search Tina in a well cave. A weird man attacks them. Arjun finds smoke around him and continues throwing weapon in air. He then uses his super powers and sucks all smoke. He finds Shankchurn and Astika missing. A bat attacks him and he flies in air to hide. Tina finds police in cave and asks what are they doing here and why they are following her. Inspector orders constables to catch her and snatch her book. She says she did not know policemen would be so fools. Inspector says let us take her to Amroli. Tina says it is not easy to go back. Inspector orders to drag her along.

Arjun flies in air, finds Astika and Shanchurn tied to a pople, comes down and asks what is happening. He also gets tied to a pole. Bat comes flying and turns into a woman Cheemy who says she is enemy of snakes. She liked a human and snake smell, she will eanjoy their feast. Shankchurn silently tells her that he is Maskini’s friend and Maskini will not spare her. She orders her guards to captures all 3. Shankchurn thinks even after warning, she captured them. Arjun asks why there is so dark here. Astika says this is not a common darkness, they have to break it with intelligence. Arjun says he feels he is losing his powers. Shankchurn says even helost his powers and he cannot fight with Maskini or Cheemy. Astika says they are right, let us rest for some time, thinks once they sleep, he will move from there.

Maskni gets ready and laughs that this time she will onot marry, but will love… Guard says Cheemy has come. Maskini orders to send her in. Cheemy enters. Maskini asks how is she feeling after killing 3 of them. Cheemy says she was about to kill them, but…Maskini angrily walks towards her and asks what but…Cheemy says one of them told he knows her and is her friend. Maskini thinks Shankchurn had to kill Astika and prove his friendship, but he did not and is a traitor. She slaps Cheemy and says it was their trick, either she will die or 3 of them. Cheemy gets afraid.

Precap:: Astika says whatever he had feared has come true, Cheemy has come searching them. Cheemy shouts. Astika says they have to head towards light. Cheemy shouts and says she is back.

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