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Arjun holds his childhood toy and sees toddler Arjun kicking cradle and kitchen items family. Yashoda comes and picks toddler and says Arjun’s powers have tremendous and it is god’s gift. Arjun leaves his toy and asks Yashoda and asks if his powers are from childhood. Yashoda gives him broken bike and asks him to visualize the incident. Maheshwar says he was 3-year-old then. Arjun sees him as 3-year-old playing with bike. Maheshwar scolds him for pulling aunt’s hair and asks to apologizes. Arjun angrily pushes him and his eyes turn yello. Yashoda picks Maheshwar and asks if Arjun did it. Maheshwar says Arjun is just playing with him. Arjun leaves toy and sadly says how can a child hit his father and asks why his eyes turned yellow. Yashoda gives him bowl and he visualizes

drinking milk and leaving bowl. Cat drinks next and dies. Aunt comes and shouts who killed cat and why is milk blue. Arjun asks if he has poison in him, that is why she stopped Chutki from drinking his sipped milk. He is a monster and they should have killed in childhood itself. Maheshwar says some things should be left to god.

Yashoda gives him wooden spoon next and asks him to visualize again. Arjun visualizes Vasuki performing havan and grasping Arjun’s powers. He says Yashoda and Maheshwar that Arjun’s powers cannot be destroyed and he has taken them under his control, they will not return until he has his power vanish, he cannot hold Arjun’s powers and Arjun will get back his powers. Maheshwar asks when will they know his powers have returned. Vasuki says his back snake mark will darken and he will show signs, his powers are related to Mahabharath and he is a warrior and will fight evil. Arjun falls unconscious. Maheshwar and Yashoda wake him up. He asks how is his powers related to mahabharath. Maheshwar says he does not know, baba told baba’s powers will vanish when Arjun’s powers returns. Arjun panicks that because of him, innocent Chutki and they are suffering, he will go from this house right now. Parents stop him, hug and calm him down. They ask him to promise not to leave them. He promises and hugs them both and thinks he does not care what his past was and is present is, he is Arjun Shastri and will take his badi maa’s revenge.

In the morning, Yashoda comes to Arjun’s room and does not find him. She informs Maheshwar worriedly. Arjun comes with tea and gives it to them. They look at him. He asks they must be thinking what happened to him, he thought a lot that he is not normal and they protected him, so he thought even in future there will be problems and he ahs to face them. He wants to serve his parents and wants them to bless him to fulfill his wishes and live happily. Maheshwar hugs and blesses to be happily always.

Tina enters, greets Maheshwar and Yashoda and starts beating Arjun for not coming to meet her. He says he was about to come. She says she had to carry her bags alone and she got hand cramps. Arjun asks hand cramps. She says yes and she clears them by twisting someone’s hands. She twists Arjun’s hands and he shouts it is paining. Yashoda gets tensed that Arjun may get angry and show his powers.

Precap: Mohini after killing someone asks Nag maya to get agni here before Astika realizes their black powers. Nag maya burns dead body. Astika senses black powers and thinks what if Mohini wants to attack Arjun again.

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