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Naagarjun 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

A girl walks on road alone at road. Shankchurn/Ranveer stops his jeep and asks what is she doing at this time in secluded place. She says she did not get bus and is walking home. He insists to drop her and says it is police’s duty. She gets into jeep. He switches off car. She gets afraid and calls for help. He says he wanted to see this fear in her eyes and bies her neck, eventually killing her. He then wipes blood from his lips and smirks.

Yashoda sees Pranali walking out of Arjun’s room and going into godown, thinks she must need something and goes to godown. She sees Pranali crying holding Arjun’s childhood clothes and basket in which she left Arjun, asks why is she touching this basket like this, what secret she is hiding. Pranali starts crying more and says she

is a mother who left her son in this basket on ganga river 20 years ago. Yashoda is shocked. Pranali holds her legs and says she does not want to break family, she could not have given the love she gave to her so. Yashoda says with ganga’s blessings, she got Arjun and then Chutki, she thought her family is complete. She used to worry about Arjun seeing his behavior and thought he is something else. Since Arjun came in her life, baba/Vasuki showed her way. She feels Arjun is not a common boy and is worried about him. Pranali asks her not to worry, Arjun has protection of 2 mothers. She asks her not to tell Arjun that she is his biological mother. Yashoda says she will not and asks why she left Arjun in ganga and what is blue snake-like mark on Arjun’s back. Pranali says she will tell everything, but she should promise she will not tell Arjun her truth. Yashoda says she will not. Pranali says she will once her tears stop. Yashoda leaves.

Astika enters Arjun’s room in snake form. He then goes to store room and takes human form. He calls Pranali and asks even now she will Arjun is not his son. Praali gets angry seeing him and asks what is he doing here. He says to meet his human son. She says she will not let him take her son away. He says he left her alive for 20 years to know where her son is, he knows via Vasuki that he engraved nagmani in Arjun’s head, now he will take Arjun to naglok and make him nagarjun. Pranali says he cannot fill poison in Arjun’s body as he has protection of this family. She is not afraid of death. He says he promised Takshak that he will kill anyone for nagmani and now he will kill her so cruelly that it will become an example on earth. He strangulagtes her neck and says he has prepared a posion for her with which she will not able able to speak and will die each second till dawn. Arjun gets dream of his mother and shouts maaa in dream. He bites her neck and she shouts. He leaves smirking. Mohini thinks what Astika wants to do, she will find it out.

Pranali crawls till room door. Arjun wakes up and runs to Yashoda’s room and hugs her and asks if she is fine. Yashoda says she is fine, if he saw bad dream again. Maheshwar asks what happened to him. Arjun says he is feeling nervous and thought mom is in trouble, so he came running. Yashoda realizes Pranali is in trouble and runs towards store rooom with whole family to find her outside store room dead.

Precap: Arjun runs to save Noorie. Astika says Vasuki Arjun’s human nature is overtaking his snake nature, but he will make him nagarjun soon. Vasuki says he cannot. Shankchurn says Arjun that SP gave him Noorie and his protection responsibility. Arjun says Noorie he does not want to lose her.

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