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Naagarjun 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yashoda, Shankchurn, Noorie, Maheshwar, and Chutki walk in jungle when Yashoda sits down crying and reminiscing Arjun. Arjun comes in his old dress and says Yashoda that he has come back as her son. Yashoda says she is worried about him. Arjun says he wants them to reach prrithvi lok soon, then he will take revenge from Maskini. Maheshwar says what if Maskini harms him. He says until his parent’s blessings are with him, Maskini cannot harm him. Shankchurn says prithvi lok door is not opening as Maskini may be thinking Arjun will also go back to Prithvi lok. Arjun asks to take care of his family. Shankchurn says don’t worry, nothing will happen to their family until he is alive. Arjun hugs Maheshwar and Yashoda and they both reminisces their love for Arjun and bless him. Arjun

signals Shankchurn and leaves.

Maskin wearing bridal attire looks at Katya rishi’s given elixir and thinks until today Arjun did forcefully and after drinking this elixir Arjun’s powers will come in her and he will become her sevant, she will become most powerful. She spills elixir on aa fruit. Arjun enters. Maskini asks where was he, she was waiting for him. He says he was checking if she will fulfill her promise or or not. She orders Maya/loka to order soldiers to send prisoners to prithvi lok. She then hugs him and asks if he trusts her now. He thinks he knows she wants his powers. Maskini asks how is she looking. He smiles. She asks if she goes missing in his eyes, will she find her. He nods yes. She disappears. He asks where is she.

Yashoda continues crying reminiscing Arjun. Maheshwar consoles her to be courageous. Chutki says Arjun asked her to take care of everyone, he will get angry if he sees her crying, he has prmised tha the will return soon. Maheshwar prays god to protect Arjun. Guards yell why are they crawling still, to move fast. Shankchurn warns them to dare not touch anyone. They push him behind and push others front.

Maskini returns and tries to seduce Arjun, he fumes but smiles when she comes front. She says he did not forget her, so she returned. She pushes him on bed and is about to kiss him when someone knocks door. She goes. Arjun thinks there must be a big reason, he has to find out. He hears Maskini scolding Maya and Loka. They say they are following her order of informing her when prisoners are released. Maskini orders them to inform soldiers to send prisoners via black jungle as nobody can pass through it alive, that way she will not break her promise made to her. She thinks Arjun is intelligent, but not more than her. Arjun goes back and sits on bed. Maskini returns and apologizes him for going away and says she cannot stay away from him. He says she was alone for 1000s of years. She says not now and restarts seducing him and looks at fruit.

Precap: Maskini offers fruit to Arjun. Tina and Aditya reach Maskini lok. Guards capture them.

Update Credit to: MA

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