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Pundark takes Babruvan to naglog via secret route. Babruvan walks ahead. Pundarik stops him and says there is sarp maya jaal/snake illusion in front and not route and demonstrates. Babruvan says impossible. Pundarik says it is possible and ahead he has to face nag sainiks. Sainiks stop Pundarik and say he knows well this is naglog and human are restricted and ask hhuman to run away if he wants to save himself. Babruvan says he is Arjun putra and did not come to return, asks them to go back and inform their boss to send their most brave warrior. They say they will not go. He shoots arrow and they run away.

Seshnag tells Vasuki even he wants to give nagmani, but not without all maha sabha members’ consent. Vasuki asks Dhitarastra to stop his stubborness andd give consent. Dhitarastra

says no, he will fight with Babruvahan. Vasuki says Babruvahan and Arjun and Chitrangadha’s son and is powerful. Dhitarastra says he will fight with Babruvahan for naglok’s dignity. Seshnag says he can go as others also will be suspicious, so even he should fight with Babruvahan. Vasuki says he cannot. Dhitarastra says Vasuki is coward, so he will go and fight. Seshnag permits. Vasuki asks why did he permit Dhitarastra. Seshnag says without his god Vishnu’s permission, even a leaf cannot shake, so he should accept it as god Vishnu’s wish.

Dhitarastra kicks Babruvahan and starts taunting. Babruvahan says he does not kill innocent and will kill Dhitarastra now. Dhitarastra says he will kill even him and his mother will perform last rights of both husband and son. He lifts Babruvahan and throws him on floor. Babruvahan jumps and kicks him. Their fight continues. Dhitarastra throws poison from his mouth and Pundarik comes in front and bears it. Dhitarasta then becomes snake and attacks Babruvahan. Babruvahan attacks him and he escapes. Babruvahan continues shooting his arrow angrily. Seshnag comes and gives him nagmani to save Arjun.

Vasuki comes out of flashback. Arjun Shastri asks if Babruvahan saved Arjun. Vasuki says Takshak sent Dhitarastra’s sons Durbudhi and Dursabhav and played trick. Chitrangadha plays god to give back her husband’s life. She asks Uloopi why did not Babruvahan return, if he is safe. Uloopi is Babruvahan is a brave warrior and will bring nagmani sons. Durbudhi and Dursabhav enter disguised as soldiers and inform them that Babruvahan and Pundarik are coming with nagmani. They both run out to receive them. Durbudhi and Dursabhav steal Arjun’s head and escape. Chitrangadha comes out with Uloopi and does not see any soldier. Babruvahan comes with Pundarik. Uloopi asks if he brought nagmani. He nods yes. Chitrangadha asks if he is safe. Babruvahan says he went with his both mothers’ blessings, so he came safe. He shows nagmani and says let us go and relive father. Chitrangadha says he sent soldiers some time ago. He says he did not. They all get suspicious, run into tent and see Ajrun’s head missing.

Precap: Arjun asks Vasuki after Pandavs and Krishna left, from whom did Takshak take revenge. Vasuki says raja Parikshit and tells rest of story.

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