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Naagarjun 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini tells Shankchurn about her curse. Shankchurn asks which curse. She describes when Astika make her a stone 1000s years ago, a sadhu comes searching for water in a dilapadated state. Maskini says she says she can help him. He asks who is she. She says Maskini world’s queen and asks him to free her from her curse if he needs water. He says he does not have so much powers. She says water is behind big stone. He drinks water and gives her boon that when her enemy’s son will realize his powers, she will be free from her curse. She comes out of flashback and when Arjun realized his powers, she was freed from her curse.

Urmi comes to Astika and asks him to com eback to naglok, he cannot stay on earth for long. He says she does not know Maskini, if she comes back on

earth, she will try to take control of Arjun, and if that happens, she will destroy all 3 worlds.

Mohini checks things in Maskini’s place and gets surprised. Shankchurn comes and says she should be careful as this is not their world. She says even Maskini wants Arjun’s nagmani. Shankchurn says she wants Arjun’s powers. Mohini says she is surprised how Maskini gets so much powers. He says even he is surprised. Mambosa comes and says Maskini is calling them. Shankchurn asks him to go , they will come later. He says they have to come along and he takes them to Maskini’s prison. Mohini in a shock says she could not imagine Maskini’s world would be like this. Maskini enters and says they wanted to know how she will enter earth. She says Katya rishi and says he will help her enter earth. Katya says she can do whatever she wants, she cannot change fate. Maskini angrily punishes a prisoner and he pleads to spare him. Mambosa gets him out and Maskini slits his throat. Mohini and Shankchurn are shocked to see this. Maskini warns Katya rishi if he does not obey her, she will throw all prisoners in fire. She gets one more prisoner and slits even his throat. She says she wants Arjun at any cost and wants to own his powers.

At Arjun’s house, Arjun is busy decorating lights outside his home, Chutki busy burning crackers, and Yashoda lighting lamps. She asks Noorie to go home, change her dress and come back for diwali celebrations. Noorire says yes….She sees Arjun decorating tree with lights and asks if she can help. He says no and falls down. Chutki laughs. Lights glow. They all laugh next.

Katya rishi gives her a diamond and says with its powers, she can live on earth like a common human and nobody will sense she is a snake, only she will gain her real form on amavasya and pournima. Maskinii tells Mambosa that it is time to go on earth now. Shankchurn comes with Mohini and says they both help her on earth as humans. Maskini says Astika is guarding door to enter earth, but he does not know there is one more route to enter earth. She turn sinto half snake and enters lake to reach earth. Shankchurn smirks and thinks what will happen to Arjun now.

Arjun with Chutki burns crackers. Yashoda brings prasad and gives it to aunt and Arjun and says this prasad will bring peace in this lives. Aunt this she will be in peace when all their peace will be destroyed due to Arjun. Maskini is seen traveling via water. Chutki burns her hand with crackers. Aunt yells to be careful. Arjun sees Aunt’s sari on lamp and pulls her away. Aunt yells black eyes are on this house, pointing at Arjun. Maskini enters Arjun’s house via kitchen tap.

Precap: Astika tells Urmi if Maskini goes on earth, she will create havoc. Arjun’s aunt shouts fire…Noorie tells Mohini and Shankchurn that she knows they are snakes.

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