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Naagarjun 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yashoda takes Pranali to her home and introduces her to her husband Maheshwar and says saadhu baba introduced Pranali and told all their problems will solve if Pranali stays here. Pranali says she does notwant to trouble them. Maheshwar says it is their good luck to serve her as guest and asks Yashoda to give her Arjun’s next room. Yashoda takes Pranali toroom and says she will get her clothes. Praali gets emotional seeing Arjun’s pics. Yashoda says Arjun is her son and she loves him so much that she keeps his pics all over house. Once she leaves, Pranali says he is her son.

Arjun hears Pranali’s voice and says she heard his mom’s voice. Aslam while working under car engine says only he can hear mom’s voice. Engine slips and falls, but Arjun holds it on time

and saves Aslam. Noorie takes Rajveer/Shankchurn for Amroli’s sightseeing. She says he should get his car checked in nearby garage and takes him to Arjun’s garage. Rajveer asks to check his car. Noorie says they are going on sight seeing. Aslam checks car and says it is fine. Rajber gives 100 rs. Noorie takes it back and says when car is fine, no need to give money and leaves holding Rajveer’s hand. Arjun gets jealous. Aslam says let us follow them. Noorie takes Rajveer to roadside noodle shop. Arjun reaches there and watches hiding. She feeds Rajveer to make Arjun jealous. Arjun angrily leaves from there.

Arjun reaches home and sees Pranali there and asks how come she is here. Yashoda says she is like her elder sister and will stay here. Arjun says he will call her badi maa then. Yashoda s Pranali’s feet and she thinks she has to keep him away from Astika and make him naglok’s astra/weapon. Astika watches it with his superpowers and thinks before Pranali becomes a hurdle to him, he will kill her.

Arjun sees Chutki angry and asks if she is angry. Chutki says she does not want to talk to anyone. Arjun goes to console her. Yashoda says Pranali Arjun is very busy and not able to give time to his sister, so she is angry on him. Maheshwar comes and calls Yashoda. Arjun cheers up Chutki and Pranali smiles seeing her.

Maheshwar sees Arjun taking parttime jobs and scolds him that he should not waste his youth in small part time jobs, his father is suspended and not dead yet. Arjun asks not to tell that. Maheshwar says if he cannot help him in temple, he should do something which he likes. Pranali sees Maheshwar’s love for Arjun and smiles and thanks god for keeping her son in such a lovely family and prays to keep her son away from his real father Astika. Astika enters Arjun’s house .

Arjun gets Vasuki’s dream and wakes up. Pranali comes. He asks if she needs anything. She holds his hand and says when son is not sleeping, how can mother sleep, what is the issue. He says it is usual thing. She says when her son is looking tensed, she can sleeping peacefully. He says he gets weird dreams now a days, he gets headache and cannot sleep. She makes him sleep in her lap and asks not to think much. He says since he saw her, his mind is very peaceful as if a big problem has solved. She says relationship of hearts are like this. He falls asleep.

Precap: Pranali tells Yashoda that she had to leave her son 20 years ago under ganga maiya’s protection. She tells Astika she will not let him harm Arjun. He says he will free her forever today and bites her neck.

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