Naagarjun 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tina informs Arjun that she has come to research on snakes as her boss wantss to know everything about snakes, why Amroli is booned that snakes will not come under its radius, etc.. Arjun says after she went, a lot has happened and snakes are everywhere. She asks what..He changes topic and says she has become lean, earlier she used to be so chubby. Aslam says they used to call her Tina pehelwan. Tina asks not to taunt and says let us go. Arjun, Aslam, and Chutki. Tina looks at broken window steel rods.

Snake queen takes Mohini on mountain cliff and says all her sarp sainiks/soldiers have spread all over Amroli. Mohini says now Arjun’s family will be worried and they can easily get nagmani from Arjun’s body. Sarp sainiks are seen among people. Even Tina reveals that she is

a sarp sainik.

Maheshwar’s sis acts as in severe pain and asks younger brother to take her to doc. Maheshwar says she would have informed him, he would have taken her to doc. She says he is jobless without money and even his son does not earn much. Arjun comes and tells family that someone wants to meet them. Yashoda asks who is it. Aslam comes in and Tina comes from behind him. Yashoda asks if it is Noorie. Arjun says it is Tina. Tina shows her face. Yashoda asks her eyes were green, then how did they become black. Tina gets tensed and says she is using contact lens and starts chatting with family. She asks if Noorie is Arjun’s girlfriend. Rajveer enters with Noorie and Mohini and says she is his fiance. He introduces himself and Mohini to them and says they don’t know him, but he knows them well via Noorie and gives them sweets as engagement invitation. Maheshwar’s sis leaves for doc’s appointment.

Arjun takes Rajveer to his room and holding his collar and asks why did he bring a snake woman as his mother and what he is up to. Rajveer says he knows answer, he tried to kill him twice and even now can attack him. He knows his weakness is his family and Noorie, he will make him emotionally weak and then will attack him.

Aslam takes Noorie aside and says her that she did wrong by bringing Rajveer and his mother here, Arjun is already upset and she make him sad, she must be happy. She says she is happy seeing Arjun’s family safe and starts crying. Aslam apologizes. She asks him to promise that she iwll not tell anything to Arjun. Tina comes with Chutki and Chutki introduces her to Noorie. Tina says she is Arjun’s best friend. Noorie says she is Arjun’s friend and feels sad.

Yashoda shows her house to Mohini. Mohini says her house is very good and even her heart, else who will adopt a ransacked child. Yashoda retaliates. Mohini says sorry that Rajveer is marrying Noorie and ays she thought Rajveer to always win. Yashoda says it is each individual’s upbring and some know to sacrfice and some know to snatch. Mohini starts sofficating smelling havan ash. Yashoda goes to bring her water.

Precap: Garud attacks Astika, but Arjun saves Astika and kills garud. Astika smiles seeing his mission getting accomplished.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. when will arjun get to know about his true identity well today’ episode was nice these updates are like life saver for me thanks MA

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