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Naagarjun 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yashoda asks Arjun that Shankchurn was telling about their plan, what is it. Arjun describes how Maskini killed Astika by trick and Astika asking Arjun to kill Maskini at any cost. He tells Shankchurn just like Maskini killed their father with a trick, they will kill her with a trick. They both go back to Maskini and fight in front of her. Guru Vasuki comes there and tells they are going on a right path and tells Shankchurn he is happy to see his heart changed, it is good for naglok. Shankchurn promises he will be with Arjun always and will do whatever is good for naglok and prithvi lok. Vasuki tells Arjun a plan to marry Maskini and takes her on earth to kill her as they cannot kill her here. Arjun out of flashback tells yashoda that Noorie knows everthing. Noorie nods yes. Yashoda

says she knew it, Arjun will not betray Noorie and asks what if Maskini does not want to come to prithvi lok. Arjun says he has plan even for that and explains.

Noorie goes to Maskini and asks why she calls her often. Maskini says she wants her to decorate her bed and asks guards to take Noorie to her room. Noorie goes and decorates bed with flower petals and cries reiminiscing her love for Arjun and thinks she cannot do this. Snakes comes and sit on bed. Noorie gets afraid. Maskini asks if she is afraid of snakes. Noorie says yes. Maskini says then she is unfit for Arjun, good Arjun decided to marry nagrani Maskini. Noorie says she loves Arjun. Maskini asks her to touch snakes then. Noorie says she will not and runs from there. Maskini smirks.

Noorie clashes with Arjun and reminisces all their happier moments. She hugs him and cries. Arjun also gets emotional but asks her to go from here. Noorie says Maskini wants her to decorate suhagraat bed. Arjun asks her to trust him and runs from there when guard sees them. Noorie imagines doing reverse pheras. Guards throw ack Noorie into jail. Yashoda asks if she is fine until Arjun is with her. Chutki is also thrown in. Another guad comes and says nagrani ordered them all go to some place. Chutki says she will not go until Arjun comes. Guard forces her. Shankchurn strangulates guard’s throat. Noorie pleads to leave him. Shankchurn leaves. Noori tells once they reach prithvi lok safely, Arjun will later.

Maskini goes to katya rishi. Katya says last time she killed one of his family member when he did not agree to help her, now she will kill one more. She says she will not and says she wants Arjun to stay here forever. He gives her an elixir and asks her to give it to Arjun, his owers will increase and he will think of only her. Maskini then goes and hugs Arjun.

Precap: Arjun hears Maskini ordering soldiers to send prisoners via black jungle, nobody will reach prithvi lok.

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