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Naagarjun 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Astika is about to kill Maskini when Shankchurn stops him and asks why he is attacking his own clan woman for a human Arjun. Astika says even Arjun is a half snake. Shankchurn signals Maskini and she escapes warning she will return back. Astika angrily tries to hit Shankchurn next for saving Maskini when Mohini comes and pleads him to spare his son andsays Shankchurn stopped him from doing a disaster. Astik says he knows what Shanchurn and and she are up to and says Maskini will never come on eaarth now, warns them to get out of there. They both escape. Astika warns Maskini that he is standing on door and will not let her step on earth.

Tina tells Arjun that Maskini’s world is interesting. Arjun tells dangerous also, he needs to understand it well. He says he will go and check

mama and papa once as he feels a big problem will creep on Amroli. He reaches home and senses everything is fine there.

Maskini returns back to her world disappointed and thinks what is on earth that her powers fail there. One of her soldier asks why did she return without success. She kills him and his people chant her name. Shankchurn and Mohini watch in a shock.

Tina while reading scriptures in her lab hears foot steps and thinks Arjun came back. She turns and sees Noorie. Noorie asks why dont she let Arjun in this world and brainwashing Arjun. Tina says she is telling Arjun what he is, he is half snake and half human. Noorie says she is getting away Arjun from her. Tina says she never understood Arjun at all and just boasts of loving him. Noorie angrily tears a page and walks out. Tina stops her and says he did not mean to hurt her, though she tore page. Arjun comes and asks which page. Noorie says he is becoming snake slowly and forgot her love. He says their worlds are different. She says she wants to see his world. He takes lifts her and takes her to naglok and akss if she is getting afraid. She says until he is with her, why should she. He says they cannot stay at naglok for long and flies lifting her. Tu chal udjaye….song…plays in the background….

Arjun’s aunt panicks seeing a snake behind Chutki. Chutki also sees snake seeing snake. Tina comes and asks Chutki to look into snake’s eyes, it will not harm her. Arjun comes and tries to catch snake and it vanishes. Arjun then checks Chutki and asks if she is fine. Tina asks Arjun how did snake vanish, if it was his enemy or friend. Aunt contiues paniking and Tina consoles her. Maskini watches this via her superpowers. Mambosa asks her what is going in her mind. She twists is little finger and he shouts in pain and pleads to cut his neck instead of inflicting pain. Maskini says even she is going through pain. She realizes Arjun’s weak point is his little sister Chutki. Aunt tries to brainwash Yashoda that Arjun is a snake and will harm Chutki. Yashoda says both are her children and why would Arjun harm his sister. Aunt says even if she feeds milk to snake for years, it will bite at any cost. Arjun hears their connversation standing aside.

Shankchurn enters Maskini’s personal chamber when servants are getting her ready. Maskini gets angry seeing him and fumes how dare he is to enter her personal chamber. He reminds her that he saved her life. She fumes and says she can kill him right now. He says he needs her help to kill Arjun as he cannot rule on naglok without killing Arjun. Maskini warns him he will not touch Arjun until she orders.

Tina tries to refix torn page and searches missing piece. Arjun comes and asks what is she searching. She says missing paper. He says everything is messed up, aunt thinks he will harm Chutki. Tina says he loves Chutki so much, why will he. He says if his enemies wil know about this, they will try to harm Chutki.

Precap: Maskini says Mohini and Shankchurn that Astika is waiting on the door of earth, he does not know there is another door also, she will show him how it is possible to enter earth via different door.

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  1. Nidhi

    Tina is the best for arjun Noorie behaves always stupidly. She just looks matured but she’s stupid by behaviour Tina though being human has helped him in many ways and always stood fro him

  2. but Arjun love noorie so noorie is perfect heroine for nagarjun and perfect love for Arjun

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