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Naagarjun 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasuki leaves informing Astika that Arjun is Astika’s human son. Astika thinks Vasuki must be lying to protect Arjun and get back nagmani, he will go to naglok and find out truth via Pranali. He goes to naglok and meets Pranali. Pranali asks if he forgot his way and came here after so many years. He says he came to send her to earth. She says he is a big lier and has black heart, why will he favor her again after betraying her. He says in Amroli on earth, he doubts their son resides, he wants her to use her mother eyes and identify their son.

Astika takes Pranali to Amroli temple and asks her to go and find out their son Arjun. Arjun is busy praying in temple and senses emotional bond with his mother. He turns and looks back and after pooja serves prasad to everyone. Pranali

looks at him closely and identifies that he is her son. Arjun smiles at her. She touches Arjun’s head and pampers him. Arjun says everyone comes here for blessings, but she is blessing him. Pranali says everyone come with their own wish and her wish is fullfilled today. She says she called him maaji, so she will bless him like a mother. He says even he will touch her feet like a son and touches her feet. Astika watches their bonding from a distance and eralizes that Arjun is indeed his human son. Arjun leaves. Astika meets Pranali and says he saw her motherhood and realized Arjun is their human son. Pranali says no. He says seeing her smiling face he knows Arjun is their son. She says if their son was alive, he would be of Arjun’s age. He asks if she is sure. She says yes, if he was her son, she would have stopped her and would not have let him go. Astika says he wants to kill Arjun and get mani, now he will be not feel guilty of killing his son. He will kill Arjun easily now and get nagmani, says Pranali she is free now. She thinks she will do maha mrityunjai jaap to protect her son.

Yashoda dreams of Arjun falling from cliff calling maa. She rushes to Arjun’s room and sees her sleeping, thinks why she is getting bad dreams about Arjun, if it is mom’s fear or sign of big trouble, prays god to save her son and protect him from all problems. Pranali in temple does maha mrityunjai mantra. Yashoda meets Vasuki who asks if she is getting bad dreams again. She says yes, she is seeing bad dreams about Arjun, he should give her solution. He says god creates solution before creating problems and says her solution is waiting for her. She says she did not understand. Vasuki asks if she can hear a lady chanting maha mrityunjai jaap, she should take her home and until the sadhvi is in her home, she will not get bad dreams or trouble will not touch Arjun. Yashoda says she hears pain in lady’s voice. Vasuki says even she is a mother like her.

Yashoda meets Pranali and apologizes her for stopping her meditation and asks who is she. Pranali says she is Pranali and cannot say anythingmore than that, she was a mother once. Yashoda insists her to come with her. Pranali says she is unauspicious. Vasuki comes and asks Pranali to go with Yashoda if she needs solution for her problems. Pranali leaves with Yashoda. Vasuki thinks Arjun has 2 mother’s protection and Astika cannot harm Arjun now. Astika sees that via his super powers and thinks Vasuki made his job easy.

Precap: Astika meets Pranali at Arjun’s home. Pranali says she will not let him harm Arjun. He kills her.

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