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Rajbeer brings Mohini to Noorie’s house and introduces her as his mother. Mohini gives Noorie a gift bag and says she did know Rajveer would choose such a beautiful girl and says he told SP bought her up alone. Noorie says her mom died in childhood. Mohini says she is her mother now and part of their family. Rajveer says he will go to police station. Mohini says he is injured, then how will he go alone. Noorie asks Arjun to drop Rajveer to his police station. Rajveer says police always helps civilians and today civilian is getting a chance to help police. Arun thanks Noorie and Noorie gets emotional. Mohini asks Noorie to show her house and takes her along and shows her snake tongue to Arjun.

Rajveer warns Arjun not to do a mistake because of which they have to kill Noorie.

Arjun asks what did they do with and how are they related to Astika. Rajveer says he does not need to answer him and warns him to worry about Noorie first. Arjun takes him on bike. He says SP’s blood was very sweet and Noorie’s blood must be moer sweet, he cannot wait till suhagraat. Arjun stops him and warns him to stay away from Noorie and leaves alone. Rajveer says Arjun thinks he can save Noorie, but he cannot.

Arjun reaches Astika’s house and thinks he will get answers to his questions today. Garud also comes and enters home from backdoor thinking he will find Astika and kill him today. He then runs from there hearing Arjun coming. Arjun goes to backside of house and thinks someone was here, may be Astika.

Astika is seen praying shivling in a cave. Garud reaches there and thinks this is Astika’s last pooja. He hides seeing Vasuki coming there. Astika asks Vasuki why can’t he wait until he finishes pooja. Vasuki taunts him that he cannot control his wife and son. Astika says they are also his family like him, they are Takshak’s disciples, but he is Takshak’s enemy. Vasuki says if he goes to naglok, his wife and son will destroy Amroli trying to take revenge from Arjun. Garud this Mohini did not tell him about Vasuki, he cannot face Vasuki, so he will capture Astika when he is alone and kill him.

Mohini tells Rajveer that Nagmaya told her that she will send sarp sainik/soldiers who are icchadhari nags and can take any form, they will be around Arjun’s house. Rajveer asks if she does not trust their power that she called sarp sainik. She says Amroli people know only 2 snakes but will panic seeing many snakes, they have to panic Arjun before they kill him. Rajveer says Arjun’s weakness is Noorie. Mohini says Chutki is his weakness and reminds how Arjun fought with them for her, now sarp sainiks will attack Arjun.

Arjun goes to garage and reminisces all the recent incidents. Aslam comes injured and says someone kidnapped Chutki. Arjun asks if it was Rajveer. Aslam says he does not know, but kidnapper asked him to come to old factory. Arjun locks Aslam and leaves saying it must be Rajveer. He reaches old factory and csearches Chutki. Chutki calls him from behind window. Kidnapper takes her away. Arjun breaks window steel rods and enters room and warns kidnapper that his enemity is with him and he should not harm his sister. Kidnapper pushes Chutki. Arjun angrily tries to punch kidnapper, but Chutki stops her. Arjun removes kidnapper’s mask and is surprised to see his friend Tina. Aslam comes and says it is Tina. Chutki says bhaiya would have smashed Tina if she had not stopped him. Tina sys when she came back to Amroli, she heard a lot about hsi bravery and wanted to test him, he is in deed brave and powerful. Aslam asks how did he break steel rods and reached here so early. Arjun says he took short cut. Aslam asks which shortcut. Tina taunts Arjun and says during childhood he used to play pranks and act innocent, they had to face punishment. She says his nickname was jhunjhun. Arjun says she has not changed at all and how come she came back ater so many years. She says her boss sent her here to research on snakes.

Precap: Garud follows Astika and says he can give him easy death, but wants to torture his father’s murderer first and then kill him.

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