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Naagarjun 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun tells his parents that he will stay in Maskini lok for ever and will never return to prithvi lok. Maheshwaar reminsces Arjun love for him. Even Yashoda reminisces her love for Arjun and tells him he cannot do this. Arjun thanks them for whatever they did to him and says he wants them to go from here as soon as possible. Yashoda shatters and Noorie holds her. Arjjun then walks towards Noorie. Maskini holds his shoulder. Arjun tells Noorie that they are not made for each other, he is nagarjun and should be with a queen, so he will be with rani Maskini and when they will unite, they will do wonders. He insults Noorie if she has seen herself and rani Maskini, she cannot be equal to Maskini, so she should stop dreaming about him. Noorie reminisces her romance with Arjun. Arjun asks them

to leave. Noorie calls him. He looks back and leaves with Maskini. Noorie shatters. Yashoda consoles her. Noorie says Arjun has told some people and she will tell them once they reach prithvi lok.

Yashoda and Maheshwar are dragged by guards to different jail cell. They both ask why they are separated from Noorie. Guards say it is Maskini’s order. Chutki comes and hugs them and asks if Arjun will come along them. They say yes. Chutrki runs and guards follow her.

Maskini walks into her royal hall and her guards chant her jai…Noorie comes and reminisces Arjun’s love ffor her. She hugs Arjun and Maskini fumes. Arjun senses it. Gaurds separate Noorie and warn they will kill her if she goes near nagarjun. Chutki comes running and tells Maskini she is not Pari, she is dirty and unfit to become her did, she hates her. Maskini fumes and tortures Chutki. Arjun watches silently. Noori gets worried. Maskini throws Chutki from air and Chutki is about to fall from cliff when Arjun holds her hand and lifts her up. He scolds Maskini how dare she is to touch his family, he is with her as she promised she will not touch his family. Even after being a rani, she broke her promise, what is the difference between her and common people. Maskini says he is insulting herand this is her world. He says she can show her power on her people and not him.

Maskini walks to her room and reminisces Arjun insulting her in front of everyone. She thinks Arjun insulted him repeatedly, but she cannot go away from her. Arjun thinks if Maskin backs of from marrying him, his plan will fail. He goes to Maskini and tells she broke her promise in front of her praja and degraded herself in front of them, she has to rule 3 worlds and has to gain respect from her praja. She says she can do whatever she can. He asks if he does not have right on her. She says he has and hugs him.

Noorie informs Yashoda that Maskini threw Chuti from cliff, but Arjun saved her. Shankchurn comes and says Arjun should not have insulted Maskini in front of everyone. If Maskini gets anger, his and Arjun’s plan will fail. Yashoda asks what plan, he was against Arjun always. He says he was but not now and apologizes her for his misbehaviors earlier. Arjun comes and hugs him and says their plan will not fail.

Precap: Maskini tells Noorie that today is her and Arjun’s suhagraat and Noorie has to decorate bed. She drops something on bed. Noorie informs Arjun the same and Arjun asks her to relax, he will handle everything.

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