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Naagarjun 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini’s servants get her ready with ornaments and makeup. One of them scratches her skin while dorning her necklace by mistake and apologizes. Maskini says she is getting ready after 1000s of years and will forgive her 1st mistake. Servant thanks her. Maskini spits fire from her mouth and kills servant. Mambosa comes to meet her and says nobody is beautiful than her in all 3 worlds. Maskini says says it is time to rule all 3 worlds.

People carry Arjun on their shoulders and chant his praises. Yashoda does his arti. People says they will rename a lane’s name as Arjun lane and will establish his idol. Arjun says they should establish god Mahadev’s idol instead. People start dancing. Arjun sees mahadev idol glowing and then his forehead nagmani and thinks

what is this indicationl Tina sees him standing closing his eyes, shakes him and asks what happened.

Maskini gathers all her people and says it is time to rule all 3 worlds now and should wage war on all 3 worlds. Astika sees that via his superpowers and gets his weapon thinking of fighting with Maskini and stopping her before she destroys world. Urmi stops him and says he cannot go on earth. He says he did so many sins on earth on Takshak’s orders and now he cannot see Maskini destroying world, so he will on earth and help Arjun. Urmi wishes him good luck and he leaves.

Tina in her lab shows old scripture and tells that a big disaster is awaited on earth and big battle will happen. She shows him Maskini and Mambosa and tells Mambosa had come on earth to attack him.

In Maskini’s world, her people chant her name. Mambosa praises Maskini that she is most powerful and always wins, even this time she will win. Maskini says yes, she will rule all 3 worlds. She will attack earth first and orders her powers to open a way to earth and take her there.

Tina continues howing Maskini’s creatures to Arjun. Arjun reads scripture in different language. Tina asks what is he reading. Arjun says these creatures are from Maskini’s world and are very cruel and if this time earth is attacked, earth will not survive.

Shankchurn asks Mohini if she thinks Maskini will be able to snatch nagmani from Arjun. She says never, but for sure, one of their enemy will die. He asks who. Maskini sees her dragon coming and says earth’s door is open and leaves on her drago. Shankchurn asks Mohini again if she means Maskini. Mohini says first Astika and then Arjun. Shankchurn smirks.

Maskini travels on her dragon. Astika stops her and says he cannot let her enter earth, he challenges her for a fight. Maskini accepts and attacks him and he bears it on his sword and says she forgot 1000s of year old history. She reminisces Astika defeating her and says he should not forget that he is standing on her land. Astika says she is a failed warrior and should accept her defeat, else. Maskini flies and thros power on Astika and he falls down. Tina tells Arjun that Maskini can take any form, even hum, how will he fight with her. Arjun says there must be some way. They see a route for other world. In Maskini’s world, Astika sees a hole on sky and thinks Maskini’s powers wont world out of her world, so he should get her out of her world. Maskini tells him that once she kills him, she will kill her son. Astika escape from hole. Maskini follows him. Tina says Arjun they have to find this hole and how will they close it.

Astika takes Maskini on earth. Maskini attacks him, but her powers won’t work. astika says this is earth and her powers won’t work here. Arjun reads that Maskini’s powers will not work on earth. Tina says Mambosa was so powerful on earth, then how is it possible. Arjun says it is written clearly on earth, Maskini’s powers will not work. Astika fights with Maskini and defeats her. He says her anger made her a fool, her end is near. He raises his weapon to attack her.

Precap: Noorie tells Tina that in this world humans stay, then why she reminds Arjun about snakes always. Tina says because Arjun is half human and half snake. Arjun’s aunt warns Yashoda that she is risking Chutki’s life and whatever she tries, Arjun is a snake and will not change.

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