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Naagarjun 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini asks Shankchurn who will kill Astika. Shankchurn says a garud/hawk, Astika killed garud nagar’s king and his son wants to take revenge from Astika. Garud is in Amroli and he will take revenge. Garud is seeing climbing mountain and then jumping as hawk. Arjun travels on his bike reminiscing Astika saving him from Shankchurn and Mohini.

Vasuki disguised as Astika’s friend stops him. Arjun asks if they met before. Vasuki says no, he is going to meet his friend Astika and shows address. Arjun says even he is going to meet Astika and takes him along. Vasuki sees hawk in sky. Arjun reaches Astika’s house and asks Vasuki to wait outside as he needs to talk Astika personally. Vasuki says he is worried Astika will not answer his questions properly. Arjun asks

how does he know. Vasuki says he knows his friend well. Arjun walks in. Astika practices sword reminiscing saving Arjun and Shankchurn misbehaving with him. He then picks spearhead and throws it on door. Arjun enters and escapes attack. Astika says when did he come, he did not see him. Arjun says he ignored a lot of things like Amroli people ignored a lot of things. Astika asks what does he mean. Arjun asks what did he do with SP’s body and from when does he know that Shankchurn and Mohini are snakes. Astika says he does not know what he is talking about. Arjun says he doubts even he is a snake like Shankchurn and Mohini and trying to kill Noorie. Astika says he does not know again what he is talking about. Arjun says he will find out his truth soon. Astika stands turning his back. Arjun throws spearhead on him and shouts Astikaji. Astika holds spears and his hand starts bleeding. He shows his hand and says even he is human like him. Arjun leaving saying whatever it is, he will get truth out soon.

Vasuki enters and asks Astika why did not he tell truth to Arjun. Astika asks why did he come here, to show his new avatar. Astika says he has become human now and his wound will take time to heal. He ties kerchief on his wound and says he should keep his enemies near when he is in trouble and says his dear ones harmed him and he is alone now. Astika says he trusts only himself. Vasuki says he will stay near him to guard him and know his motto.

Vasuki leaves. Astika gets into his hideout. Garud comes and tries to enter but door locks. He looks at Astika’s blood and says Shankchurn was right, Astika lost his powers and he needs to capture him and kill.

Arjun rushes to Noorie’s house and asks where is SP. Noorie asks why did he come here when he knows she is marrying Rajveer. He asks again where is SP, if he is fine. Noorie says dad will kill him if he sees him here and says dad went to headquarters for some days. Rajveer/Shankchurn comes and asks if Arjun is troubling him. Arjun holds his collar and asks what did he do with SP. Rajveer says SP sir went to city for important work. Arjun touches his wound and he writhes in pain. Arjun says he seems injured. Rajveer holding his stomach says he is fine. Noorie asks why did not he inform her. He says mom has come and is in car. Mohini enters. Arjun is shocked to see her.

Precap: Aslam informs Arjun that someone kidnapped Chutki and asked him to come to old factory. Arjun reaches factory and sees black dressed man holding Chutki. Astika travels in car and garud follows him.

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