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Maskini tells Arjun that once they both unite, they can rule the world and says after that she will send his family and Amroli people back to Amroli. Arjun thinks he is getting trapped in his own trap, hugs Maskini and says he accepts her conditions. She says she will marry him according to her rituals. He says it is her world, so obviously her rules will work here. Maskini says she likes him due to his nature and says he has to forget his past. He thinks she wants him to forget Noorie, says his dear one are here, so he cannot forget them until they are here. Maskini says especially Noorie. Arjun thinks if she can read his mind. Maskini says let us unite and touches his chest. Arjun says he lost his father and is not yet ready. Maskini says even she lost a lot and he should remember

it. She touches his face and leaves. He wipes his face and thinks he has to be patient and find a solution to kill Maskini.

Shankchurn in a jail. reminisces Mohini and Astika’s death and Maskini ordering him and Arjun to fight, Arjun beating him, etc. Maskini comes and says she pities him and should have killed him long ago like his parents. He should thank Arjun for sparing him, says she will come back soon after marrying Arjun, leaves from there.

Arjun thinks to save his family and Amroli people, he will marry Maskini, but afrer that. Guard comes and informs him it is time for his royal bath. Arjun says okay. Guards bathe him. Maskini then comes and lady guards bathe her next. She reminisces Arjun touching her. She asks other guard to call Noorie. Guards goes and informs Noorie and soldiers drag Noorie to Maskini’s bathroom. Maskini tells Noorie that she wants to talk to her, so she called her here. Today, she and Arjun will unite forever. Noorie reminisces her and Arjun’s marriage. Maskini says she was proud of Arjun, but he ditched her. She can either stay here or go back to earth, it is up to her. Noorie says she.. Maskini asks to speak fast as her marriage muhurath is nearing. Noorie thinks Maskini’s death muhurath is nearing. Maskini says nobody can come or go from her world without her permission. She sends guards and asks Noorie to get her ready. Noorie washes Maskini’s hands. Maskini asks if she knows why she wants her to get her ready. Noorie says when she was a bride, Maskini was insulted by Arjun, so Maskini took oath. Maskini says she is intelligent and says when she will be with Arjun, she wants to look her best and laughs.

Yashoda tells Maheshwar where they took Noorie. Guaards come and drags them towards Maskini’s venue. Arjun stands thinking of Astika dorning him sehra. Guard dorns him pearl necklacce and says he is looking Maskini world’s king. Arjun goes to Maskini. Maskini greets him. Arjun asks how does she know it is him. She says she can feel his breath. Arjun sys she has to come with him and inform his parents about their truth. Noorie, yashoda, and Maheshwar are locked in a single jail. Arjun comes holding Maskini’s hand. Yashoda asks Arjun how is he, why he is wearing these clothes, how can he marry Maskini. Arjun says he wants to tell them all that he is marrying Maskini soon. They all 3 stand in a shock.

Precap: Yashoda says she cannot believe Arjun can do this. Noorie says Arjun is sacrificing his life for them. Arjun asks Maskini how dare she is to beat his family. Maskini says he is insulting her in front of all instead.

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