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Naagarjun 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun Shastri asks Vasuki that how did Takshak take revenge from Arjun. Vasuki says Takshak did not want Arjun relive via nagmani. Arjun asks what happened next. Vasuki goes into flashback. Babruvahan asks Uloopi why don’t she go and bring nagmani. Uloopi says nagmani is for only naglog and Vasuki, Takshak, Karkotaka, Dhitrastra, and other snakes are protecting nagmani. Babruvahan asks how can he get nagmani then. Uloopi says her bodyguard Pundarik will help them and asks bodyguuaard to come right away. Bodyguard comes and asks who killed Arjun. Babruvahan says he did. Uloopi asks him not to feel guilty as he relieved his father from a curse. She gives her ring to Pundarik and asks him to show it to Takshak and tell that a daughter is requesting her husband’s life back,

he may help. Pundarik says his poison will protect Arjun’s body from spoiling and once nagmani touches Arjun’s body, poision will also vanish. He bites Arjun and heads towards naglog.

Pundarik reaches naglog where Vasuki, Karkotaka Dhitarastra, Durbudhi, Dusahas, and Takshak are present. He shows nagmani to king. Arjun Shastri asks vasuki in that yug, he gave nagmani to Pandav Arjun and now to him. Vasuki says maharaj Seshnag agreed to give nagmani, but Takshak says it must be human and god’s plan to snatch nagmani, what if they create a situation like khandav van. Sheshnag says he does not find any harm in sending nagmani. Takshak says though he is king of naglok, he cannot take decision alone. All other take Takshak’s side except Vasuki.

Pundarik returns and informs that Seshnag could not send nagmani. Babruvahan fumes and says he will get nagmani today relive his father. Uloopi says it is not easy to enter naglok. Pundarik says he will take Babruvahan via secret route. Babruvahan takes Chitrangadha and Uloopi’s blessings and leaves.

Vasuki warns Tatshak that Arjun wil relive even if he does not give nagmani as Krishna can do anything and Arjun is his friend, they both are nar and narayan. Takshak tells Dhitrastra that Cow grazer/Krishna can do anything. Dhistrastra says if they steal Arjun’s head and destroy it, how will he relive, his sons Dusashas and Durbudhi will help him. Takshak says he wants to calm his anger by smashing Arjun’s head. He leaves with Dusahas and Durbudhi.

Pundarik takes Babruvahan to a secret route. Babruvahan asks naglog’s route is via oceaan, how will they go from here. Pundarik says there are many other ways. He slits his hand and smeaars blood on a snake idol and it glows.

Precap: Babruvahan reaches naglog. Dhitrastra taunts him to go and wipe his mother’s eyes. Babruvahan says he will not go without nagmani.

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