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Naagarjun 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun gets injured and falls unconscious. Shankchurn starts punishing Urmi. Tina murmurs in his ears to provoke his nagmani’s powers. Arjun wakes up and starts throwing his powers on Mambosa. Maskini watches this with Mohini. Mohini asks Maskini if she saw how clever Nagarjun is. Maskini calls back Mambosa and Shankchhurn. They both escape from earth. Arjun shows why they are eloping like coward, they should figh with him. He then sees Urmi severely injured and rushes towards her. Shankchurn witih Mambosa goes back to Maskini and asks why did she call them. Maskini says Arjun is very powerful and can kill even 100 Shankchurns. She would like to keep Nagarjun with her.

Urmi tells Arjun that she is dying and he has to kiss and save her. He says he cannot and reminisces

Vasuki’s words that he has to be half human and half nag and use nagmani to protect humanity. Urmi says she has very less time and pleads again to save her. He turns into snake and kisses her. He then gets back to human for and is seeing hugging Urmi. Noorie comes there to give holy ash to Arjun and gets disappointed seeing this and leaves. Arjun senses her and pushes Urmi

Maskini takes Shankchurn and Mohini to her court and shows her followers. She tells she will keep Arjun as her weapon and not as servant, if she cannot lure him with beauty, she will trick and get him. Mohini says this is a sing of disaster. Shankchurn says whatever it is, he will get nagmani at any cost.

Urmi sees her injuries healed and thanks Arjun. Arjun says she helped her instead. She says she should thank mahabali Astika who sent his superpowers and weapons via her to fight with Mambosa. Arjun gets angry that if she had told him before, he would not have taken his help, all his problems are because of Astika.

Mohini with Shankchurn reaches back naglok and says she feels a big disaster on the way. Shankchurn says he sees his win and says if Maskini goes on earth, even Astiika will go on earth to save Arjun, all their 3 enemies will be on earth, she can imagine what he is imagining. She says all 3 enemies will be killed.

Noorie reaches back Arjun’s house. Yashoda asks if she gave holy ash to Arjun. Noorie says no, Arjun defeated Mambosa without ash and god sent him help. Yashoda senses she is sad and asks wht happened. Noorie says nothing, she walks out and cries that nagin/Urmi must be special, Arjun chose nagin instead of her. Tina in her lab reads about Maskini and thinks Arjun has to face so many evils now.

At naglok, Astika practices fight with nag sainiks and defeats them. Arjun enters. Everyone chant Arjun. Arjun reminisces Urmi’s words that he should thank Astika and not her, also reminisces Astika kills Pranali. He picks weapon and provokes Astika to fight. Their fight starts. Astika tells him he cannot win with unnecessary anger and should use his brain. Arjun asks why don’t he leave him alone. Astika says he cannot run away from his faith, naglok is his real place. Arjun angrily engraves sword in ground. Maskini watches it and says enemy’s enemy is her friend.

Precap: Maskini addresses her people that it is time to rule all 3 worlds. Tina tells Arjun that a big battle will start soon. Astika says he has to go on earth and save it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. noorie should die and urmi should be heroine in nagarjun because urmi looks better than noorie and she helps arjun in many ways so that I want noorie will be die and urmi will be heroine in nagarjun

    1. Nidhi

      Even Tina helps him and she also looks better and suits arjun

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