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SP Chaudry asks Arjun to promise that he will take care of Noorie. Arjun promises that he will take care of Noorie till his last breath and asks him to come now. SP says his car is right there and starts running. Arjun says it must be Shankchurn and Mohini’s trap. SP reaches till his jeep, but Shankchurn and Mohini come there. Arjun warns them to stay away from SP. Mohini says Shankchurn is very weak now and needs human blood, only SP is complete human here. SP shoots Shankchurn, but bullets don’t affect him. Arun shouts bullets wont harm them and tries to help SP, but Mohini shows him nagastra and he backs off. Shankchurn bites and sucks SP’s blood and kills him. Arjun comes again and pushes Shankchurn and asks SP to wake up, what will he says Noorie.

Mohini comes

with nagastra and gives it to Shankchurn. Astika watches everything via his super powers, breaks his metation and reaches to save Arjun. Shankchurn stabs Arjun and tries to repeat, but Astika holds nagastra and warns Shankchurn and Mohini that he warned them not to break his meditation, but did, before he will kill them, they should run from there. They both escape from there. Injured Arjun looks at Astika and falls unconscious. Astika says Arjun doesn not know what he had to pay to help Arjun. He apologizes Mahadev and with his super powers tries to save Arjun.

Vasuki’s cage vanishes and he gets free. He thanks god Mahadev and thinks tough meditation is fruitful if completed and even remaining powers will vanish if left incomplete, samething happened with Astika, he has to do something.

Arjun comes home. Chutki sees him and calls, but he ignores her and walks to his room. Chutki thinks what happened to him, she will go and check. Arjun is in hypnotized form with snake eyes. Chutki comes and throws stone on him with gulel. He catches it wit his head turned. Chutki says it is magic, asks how did he do. Arjun gets out of hypnotism and finds himself at home. Chutki asks again how did he do this. Arjun reminisces being stabbed by Shankchurn and touches his back and says how can this happen. Chutki asks what. Arjun asks if she saw something weird in him. She says a lot, if he saw any bad dream. Arjun reminisces SP dying and walks away saying it cannot be dream.

Astika holds Shankchurn’s neck and says he told him not to interfere in his mission, but he did. Mohini says Shankchurn is injured via nagastra and requests to leave him. Shankchurn pushes Astika’s hand and says when powers are weak, he should use them carefully. Astika says his powers are weak for 21 days and has not lost it. He scolds Mohini how dare they are trying to kill Arjun. Mohini says they were helping Arjun provoke his super powers. Astika says she islying. Another snake lady comes and says Mohini is telling truth, she gave her nagastra on Maharaj Takshak’s orders to relive Arjun’s powers. Astika says he is going to naglog and warns them not to touch Arjun as his powers are strong due to nagmani and if they try, they will die.

Arjun reaches mountain and sees SP’s body ashes and thinks how will he face Noorie now, he ahs to meet Astika and ask what happened yesterday. Snake lady tells Shankchurn that Astika’s powers will be back soon and when he will go to naglok, Takshak will tell him truth. Mohini says they did wrong by attacking Arjun, now Arjun is more powerful. Shankchurn asks what if they kill Astika before 21 days. Snake lady asks if he wants to kill his father and mothers husband. Shankchurn asks which father, Astika was always Pranali’s husband and not his mother’s, even now he wants Arjun and wants to see them weak in front of Arjun, Astika was nver fulfilled his responsibilities. Snake lady says Astika is Takshak’s bodyguard, if they kill him, whole naglok will be their enemy and will kill them. Shankchurn says Astika’s old enemy haawkwill kill him. A hawk in human form is seeing walking.

Precap: Hawk meets Arjun and Arjun asks if they ever met before. Arjun then goes to Astika’s den and says he does not know who he is but will expose his truth in front of everyone.

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