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Babruvahan tells his mother Chitrangadha that he heard some people are coming from west side. She asks if they are enemies. He says if they are enemies, he will finish them, if they are friends he will respect and brings them. He takes her blessings and leaves. Arjun horse rides with his soldiers behind ashwamedh. He sees flowers on path and water for horses and asks how mystery is this. Babruvahan comes, greets him and says he is his son Babruvahan and invites him to palace. Arjun says he cannot be his son, he is mistaken. Babruvahan says he is Chitangadha’s son Babruvahan. Arjun insults him that he is a coward to felicitate him instead of stopping ashwamedh and provoke him for a war, he doubts his mother’s character who taught him to be coward instead of brave khshatriya

warrior. Babruvahan requests him not to insult his mother. Arjun continues insulting Babruvahan and he walks out angrily.

Babruvahan angrily carries his sword and vents his anger on water. Ulupi comes out and he complains how his father insulted his mother. Ulupi says she saw everything and suggests him to fight with Arjun like a warrior, any father would wat his son to be a brave warrior.

Vasuki comes out of flashback and continues story about Arjun and Babruvahan’s battle. Arjun and Babruvahan’s fight starts. Arjun says it is not easy too defeat him. Babruvahan says he will prove that he is a khatriya mother’s son. Arjun slits Babruvahan’s chest and stops. Babruvahan asks why did he stop, why is he showing his fatherhood, he should fight with his full powers so that people dont say that a son took advantage of father’s love. He kills Arjun and takes him to tent.

Chitrangadha sees unconscious Arjun and asks what happened to him, he won over Indra, he cannot be defeated. Ulupi comes. Chitrangadha scolds her for provoking a son against father and requests her to relive her husband. Ulupi stands silently. Chitrangadha takes oath that she will sit in front of Arjun until she loses her life. Babruvahan feels guilty for killing his father and takes oath that he will sacrifice his life on his father’s fire. Ulupi says he does not have feel guilty, whatever happened is for good. Chitrangadha asks what kind of wife she is. Ulupi says she just relieved Arjun from his curse. Chitrangadha asks what curse. Ulupi says Arjun killed Bhisma in ileu of Shikhandi and got cursed. Babruvahan asks if there is a way to relive Arjun. She says it can if he brings nagmani from her father Takshak.

Vasuki comes out of flashback. Arjun Shastri asks him he read Arjun was dead then. Vasuki says that story nobody remembers now and nagmani is in his head now, only this nagmani can relive Pandav putra Arjun. That is the reason, Arjun Shastri is still alive even after many attacks. Arjun shastri asks if Pandav putra Arjun got relived. Vasuki says Takshak did not want to give nagmani and take revenge from pandav putra Arjun.

Precap: Babruvahan asks Ulupi why can’t she bring nagmani. She says it is protected by Takshak, Vasuki, and other snakes. He says he will bring nagmani at any cost even if he has to kill many snakes.

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