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Naagarjun 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amroli people come to Arjun and plead him to save them for fire spitting monster. Arjun asks Noorie to take care of people and leaves on his bike. Arjun goes to town and sees a fire spitting dragon like monster and people running around. Tina comes on her scooter and tells this monster is destroying everything. Arjun asks what is it. She says she does not know, she will search in her lab. He asks her to go. Monster comes down on earth and takes human form. Arjun thinks monster spits fire and he cannot fight with him. He runs. Maskini sees this via her super powers and laughs that half human is running, let us see what he will do. Arjun bears monster’s fire and asks people to escape from there. He thinks he cannot fight only with fire, what he should do.

Yashoda prays

god to protect her son from monster. Chutki comes with Noorie says her Arjun bhaiya is a super hero, nothing will happen to him. Yashoda says yes.

Tina searches clue for monster in her lab and readds books. Maskini laughs on Mohini and Shankchurn that they were frightening her from weak half human who does not know Mambosa monster can kill him with fire. Mohini says Arjun is not a common snake, he is nagarjun. Astika watches it and tells Urmi this is Maskini’s monster Mambosa, how did Maskini know that Arjun has nagmani, someone must have informed her. Maskini asks Shankchurn if Arjun has nagmani, why did not he get it. Mohini says they tricked and tried, but failed. Maskini says she wants to know what did they trick.

Arjun continues fighting with Mambosa. Shankchurn comes and starts beating Arjun. Astika sees that and says Shankchurn is helping Mambosa, he is helpless that he cannot help Arjun. He tries to leave. Urmi says he cannot go to earth. Astika says he cannot go, but she can with his special weapon. She says she cannot control his weapon and does not to fight. Astika gives his powers and weapon and she leaves to earth. She gets on earth and stops Mambosa with sweapon. Arjun asks her to go from there. She says she will not. Maskini says Mohini that Arjun is taking woman’s help. Mohini says Astika has sent that woman with his superpowers. Maskini shouts she hates Astika.

Tina continues searching clue of Mambosa in her lab and prays god to help. She finds clue and runs to inform Arjun. Shankchurn thinks Arjun and Urmi can kill Mambosa, so he has to beat Urmi. He pushes Urmi and starts throwing his power on Urmi and says he warned her to stay away, but she did not, she cannot fight with him with mahabali Astika’s powers. Arjun puls back fire into Mambosa and realizes he is made of fire and thinks he has to do something. Shakchurn continues punishing Urmi and Mambosa punshing Arjun.

Mohini prays god in her home. Lamp blows off and she gets worried for Arjun. She prays god to protect her son. Arjun reminisces Yashoda’s words that he is also human and that is his power. He pushes back Mambosa. Urmi also pushes back Shankchurn. Tina comes and asks Arjun to think something. Arjun says air can set off fire and throws air on Mambosa. Tina realizes carbon dioxide can destroy fire. Mambosa throws fire on Arjun again and he falls down unconscious after hitting his head to a stone. Tina shakes him and pleads to wake up. Urmi’a atttention diverts and Shankchurn starts punishing her again.

Precap: Arjun fights with Astika. Maskini tells Arjun is a mixture of human and snake powers and she would like to have him and get nagmani. Mohini says trying to get nagmani, they provoked a disaster.

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