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Shankchurn enters Arjun’s house in snake form. Arjun hears sound and searches house. Shankchurn comes as inspector and holds his shoulder. Arjun turns back. Shankchurn asks if he got afraid. Arjun says a policeman enters his house like a thief. Shankchurn says he is investigating prasad poison case and knows his father and him did it. Arjun says nobody died in that accident and that case is closed now. Shankchurn asks if he is a police to close case himself and says again his father are him are culprits. Arjun warns him not to drag his father. Shankchurn says he will, what he will do. Arjun says he should leave from here. Shankchurn lkeaves fuming.

Pranali chants om namah shivay mantra. Mohini comes and says her fake drama will not work in front of her, her son will soon die.

Pranali says she left her son in ganga’s bed and shivji’s protection, even if she sends her son Shankchurn and whole nag log, they cannot hurt her son, she sould go from here and let her pray. Mohini says soon she will cry seeing her son’s deadbody.

In the morning, Noorie looks at Arjun’s pic in her mobile and says whatever Arjun tries, he cannot break her heart and she has plan to make him confess that he loves her.

Shankchjurn sees snake, catches it and warns to come in human form, else he will kill name. Snake takes human form. Shankchurn asks where is mahabali Astika and what is his next paln. Snake says Astika is on a secret mission after Mohini came here, so he cannot tell anything. Shankchurn says he will kill him if he does not. Snake pleads to spare him. Shankchurn orders him to give him Astika’s info regularly. He gets a call that his mother came home. He raches home and sees real Rajveer’s mother there. She asks who is he. He says he is her son. She says he is not. He kills her.

Noorie calls him and asks where is he. He says he is uniting mother and son. She says it is a good job. He throws Rajveer’s mother’s body into river. Noorie says she will take him for Amroli sightseeing. He says he will meet her in the evening then.

Astika meditates and imagines nagastra. Vasuki sees that through his divine powers and says he wil not let him use it on Arjun. He meets Astika and says he will not let him get nagastra. Astika kicks him and he falls down. Astika says he sacrificed all his powers to save that boy, but today nobody can stop him from getting nagastra and once he gets it, human, gods, or evils cannot withstand it. He taunts that he cannot protect himself, then how will he protect Arjun. He knows he has icha mrityu vardaan, so he will beat him till he sees yamraj and will make him see Arjun’s death. Vasuki smiles and reveals that Arjun is his human son Nagarjun. Astika is surprised to hear this. Vasuki says he laughed on his foolishness. Astika says he will take his son to naglog. Vasuki says Arjun is protected by people whom he loves and until he loves them, he will be human and not even Astika, Takshak, or whole naglok powers can make him Nagarjun. It is god’s wish that Astika cannot kill his son nor he can make him nagarjun. Astika says he will take Arjun to naglok at any cost and will make him Nagarjun. Vasuki smiles and leaves while Atsika watches him angrily.

Precap: Astika says Pranali even he came to meet his human son. Pranali meets Arjun in temple and he touches her feet. Astika strangulates Pranali. Arjun wakes up from sleep shouting maaaaa.

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  1. Shankchurn n arjun r brotherrs???
    nyz episode

  2. I thought astika loves pranali!!:-(

  3. Yes arjun is son of astika and pranali whereas shankchuran is son of astika and mohini

  4. Thanks for update MA…
    Revelation of truth to Astika dat Arjun is his human son…
    Nd waiting for revelation of his real identity to Arjun n Noorie’s plan…
    Nice episodes…

  5. will astika kill parnali what will happen next?

  6. shaikh Noorain

    Hi ooshi di u watch nagarjun also

  7. shaikh Noorain

    I love anshuman(arjun) the most

  8. shaikh Noorain

    Today is my birthday

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