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Arjun uses Shabdavedi arrow on Krishna’s advice and injures Takshak’s son Ashwasena. Ashwaasena’s mother comes and takes him from there. Takshak goes to devraj Indra and asks him to save his son, else he will poison whole world. He has to stop Krishna, agni dev and Arjun. Indra says Arjun is his human son, but theirr friendship is most important, he will fight with 3 of them and they cannot tolerate his attack.

Ashwasena’s mother Sumuki asks him not to get adamant and leave khandav van as nothing is left here. Ashwasena says he will fight till his last breath. Mother says he has to be brave and get ready next to attack his enemies instead of fighting now like a fool. Ashwasena says how will they pass fire. Mother says she will protect him like she did before

his birth and will take him to Indralok. She takes him along in snake form. Krishna points at them and sayys they are Takshak’s wife and son and he has to use special arrows. Arjun shoots at them and Sumuki falls down in 2 pieces. Ashwasena challenges Arjun that he will beheadd him like he behaded his mother. Arjun says he will not be alive at all and picks arrow, but stops seeing climatic change. Krishna says Indradev is coming to fight with them, so he has to save agni dev first instead of killing Ashwasena. Ashwasena disappears. Indra stops Arjun and says Takshak is his friend and he will not let him destroy khandav van. Arjun attacks Arjun and Krishna throws his sudarshan chakra in air. Indira angrily takes vajra and is about to attack. Brahma voice tells Takshak and Ashwasena are fine and Arjun and Krishna are nar and Narayan who have come to proect humanity. Indra apologizes Krishna. Krishna says this is kal chakra’s leela and will continue till ages. Agni dev thanks and leaves. Krishna says Takshak and Ashwasena must be burning in revenge. Arjun says once they come in front of him, he wll kill them.

Ashwasena meets Takshak and says his son is dead with his mother, now he is naglok’s senapati. Indra instead of helping his friend helped his son Arjun… Takshak says he knows human and god’s tricks and suggests Ashwasena to continue his anger of revenge and he will not calm down until he kills humanity even if it passes ages.

Vasuki comes out of flashback. Arjun asks if Takshak and Ashwasena did not try to take revenge. Vasuki says yes they tried once. Arjun asks how is he related to all this. Vasuki says dwapar yug is finished and now in kalyug he has been choosen to fight the big battle. Arjun asks why did not Takshak take revenge then itself. Vasuki says Ashwasena tried to take revenge by becoming sarp baan/arrow and wanted to behead Arjun by tricked, but Krishna informed Arjun on time and Arjun killed Ashwasena. Arjun asks it is not right to take revenge. Vasuki says revenge is very dangerous and Takshak lost his son and wife in a fire of revenge.

Vasuki continues that after kurukshetra, Yudistra organized ashwamedh where he left horse and whoever stops it has to fight with yudistra. He says now he is related to the next story. He says Arjun’s 2 wives manipura’s maharani Chitrangadha and naglog’s rajkumari Ulupi., Arjun and Chitrangadha’s son Babruvahan. He continues that Arjun was heading with ashwamedha and Chitrangadha is about to meet his husband. He goes into flashback where Babruvahan meets Chitrangadha and says some people are coming from south and if they are enemies, he will kill them.

Precap: Babruvahan greets Arjun. Arjun says raj dharma is bigger than putra dharma and Babruvashan is cowad like his mother. Babruvahan warns him not to badmouth about his mother, else. Arjun asks what else.. Babruhavan fights with Arjun.

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