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Noorie comes to garden and waits for Arjun. Arjun comes. She holds his hand and says she is very happy that he called her today and asks if he is in love. He says yes but not with her. He holds Aslam’s hand and kisses him. She says yak..this cannot happen, how can he love Aslam. Arjun says has big issues happen in small cities. Noorie says she thought him something else, it is a lie. They both say this is truth. She runs saying she will never meet him again. Arjun realizes it is just his imagination. Noorie comes and asks how is he. He says he is fine. She asks if he was thinking about her. He says no, just like that. She holds his hands and asks why is so happy. He says he is in love. She says okay. He asks if she will not ask who is it. She says she will not ask and he

wants her to forget him. Arjun says yes. She deletes his mobile number and leaves. Aslam comes out and says she did not ask anything, something is wrong.

SP calls Rajveer/Shankchurn home and asks him to take responsibility of Noorie’s security. Noorie entes and SP asks her to greet Rajveer. She shakes hands and says his hand is very cold. He retracts back. SP says he gave Noorie’s security responisbilty to Rajveer. Noorie says her dad is possessive about security. Rajveer says he accepts responsibility and will fulfill it well. SP asks Noorie to drop him out. She walks with him and he tries to flirt and says she promised to take him for Amroli sightseeing. She says yes and leaves. He gets back in his car and sees Mohini sitting next to him.

Arjun enters store room and looks at his childhood clothes. Dad enters and asks if he wants to find his biological parents. Arjun says no. Dad says he and Chutki are his life and he loves them a lot. Arjun says sorry papa and feels guilty for hurting his feelings.

Shankchurn and Mohini get out of car. Mohini says she saw Noorie is very beautiful, but she does not want him to fall in her love and lose his motto. He says Noorie’s dad wants him to protect her from Arjun. She asks Arjun Shastri. He asks how does he know. She says Astika said Vasuki is protecting Arjun and asks what does he know about Arjun. Shankchurn says poison did not affect him. She says they have to use their super powers. He says they can destroy Amroli without it. She says they have to get nagmani first. They both reach naglok and meets nagrani and asks her to show if Arjun ate poisoned prasad or not. She shows Arjun eating prasad. Shankchurn says that means he ate prasad and poison did not affect him. Mohini says he cannot be a common man and why. Shankchurn says he will go to earth and will kill Arjun. Mohini says they will not attack Arjun now, Astika will know that he is in Amroli, he should not forget that Arjun is underk Vasuki’s protection. Shankchurn even if Arjun is under 1000 god’s protection, he will kill Arjun for sure. He walks out from there angrily.

Shankchurn reaches Amroli back as ACP. Arjun reaches home sits under fan to drink water. A snake is seen on fan. He then goes to his room and senses someone around him. He closes door and looks up, but does not find snake. Someone holds him from behind.

Precap: Astika kicks Vasuki and says he has to see him killing Arjun. Vasuki reveals that Arjun is Astika’s human son.

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