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Vasuki tells Arjun a story of dwapar yug where maharaj Vedaki performs yagna witth guru Durvasa in his ashram since 12 years. With this yagna, agni dev feels himself as lazy and powerless, so he goes to seek help from lord Brahma. Brahma asks why is he looking so powerless. Agni dev tells reason and seeks help. Brahma suggests him to burn khandav van and calm his anger. Agni dev says that part is ruled by Takshak and he is Indradev’s best friend, Indradev will not allow him to burn khandav van. Brahma suggests him to take earth’s people. Agni dev asks how can humans help him. Brahma says he is talking about nar and narayan, Arjun and Krishna, they will hep him.

Arjun and Krishna spend time in jungle. Agni dev comes as brahmin and Arjun asks what he needs. Agni dev says his request is not simple. Krishna smiles and asks Arjun to accept his request. Arjun asks what he needs. Agni dev says he needs Khandav van where snakes and evils are staying. Arjun asks why khandav van. Krishna says he is agni dev who wants to satisfy his hunger by buring khandav van. Arjun says he needs special weapons which he does not have. Krishna says Agni dev can give him those weapons. Agni dev says he will take yavu dev’s help. Arjun asks him to start preparations, he sees burning khandav van and evil spirits. Vayudev comes and Agni dev asks him to complete his task. Krishna gets his sudarshan chakra and Vayu dev provides gadha and bow for Arjun. A golden chariot comes.

Arjjun and Krishna leave onn that chariot. Arjun shoots arrows and kills evils. Evil pleads maharaj Takshak for help. Takshak orders to gather all their evil army. Agni dev continues burning khandav van and warns Arjun that Takshak’s snakes are very poisonous. Arjun shoots arrows and kills snakes. Takshak attacks Arjun and dissappears repeatedly. Krishna asks Arjun to hear Takshak’s heart beat and atttac him. Arjun does same and shoots Takshak. Takshak falls meters apart.

Precap: Takshak seeks Indra’s help to stop Arjun. Indra orders Arjun to stop killing Takshak’s army.

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