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Nandi mahara goes to stop Astika’s meditation on Vasuki’s request. Astika’s soul comes out of body and tells Nandi that he knows Vasuki must have sent him to spoil his meditation, but he is meditating for Mahadev, so he should return back. Nandi returns back. Astika’s soul goes back into his body and he continues meditating.

Arjun goes to his home temple and prays to protect his family and Noorie after his death. He walks out of house. Havan ash kalash glow. Noorie feels Arjun is in trouble and gets worried for him. Arjun calls her and she disconnects call. She disconnects it repeatedly, finally picks and says she told him..He asks to come on video call. She switches on video call and says she told him not to call him. He says he will not her call again and

asks her to smile once, says she used to say she he has less time, but he does not have time at all. She asks why is he telling he does not have time. He says he will not meet her after today and switches off mobile.

Mohini shows nag shastra to Shankchurn and says its power will activate tonight and once he kills Arjun and takes nagmani from his body, they will go back to naglok and Shankchurn will be king of 3 worlds. Arjun reaches venue followed by SP. Arjun thanks god that SP listened to his words and came here to see Shankchurn’s reality and not let him marry Noorie and kill her. Mohini gives nag shastra to Shankchurn. Shankchurn shows her Arjun and says he told human are emotional fools and Arjun came to save Noorie and family. Mohini asks Arjun if he came to die. Arjun says yes, humans can die to protect their loved ones. SP hides behind tree and watches everything. Arjun asks to give him knife. Mohini he has to tell nag devta that he is unfiot for his given powers and will return it. Arjun asks why he should tell when he is dying anyways. Shankchurn shouts to do as they say. Arjun says he has 2 wishes, one he wants to see them in their nag/snake form before dying and two they should tell howmany of snakes like them are in Amroli. Shankchurn shouts why should they tell, he has come here to die.

Mohini says they can fulfill his first wish and they both change into snake and then human. SP watches everything. Shankchurn gets knife and asks Arjun to stab his chest with this knife. Arjun holds knife and it glows with superpowers. Mohini and Shankchurn look in a surprise. Shankchurn asks what is happening. Mohini it is not a good sign, with nagmani’s powers if Arjun’s powers get activated, even nag shastra cannot kill him. Shankchurn shouts at Arjun to kill himself for Noorie and his family. Arjun looks at Noorie’s gifted locket and reminisces her telling with her love and locket’s protection, he can fight with anyone. He reminisces Noorie and his togetherness, his mom’s words and says he will not disobey his mother. Shankchurn provokes him repeatedly to kill himself for Noorie and his family.

Arjun stabs Shankchurn with nag shastra. Mohini shouts at Arjun that he betrayed them. Arjun says being a snake, they are roaming in human form and betrayed humanity instead. She picks nag shastra and tries to stab Arjun, but SP stops her and shoots, but bullets don’t harm her. SP asks what is all this. Arjun asks him to escape from here and takes him behind tree. Shankchurn says they have to kill SP first and searches SP in snake form. SP asks Arjun what are these people, snake or human or magicians. Arjun says they can talk later, first he should escape from here. SP apologizes him for doubting his love for Noorie and asks him to promise that he will protect Noorie after he dies. Arjun says they will discuss it later, but promises on his insistence.

Precap: Shankchurn kills SP. Mohini says Shankchurn it will take 21 days for Astika’s powers to return, what if he dies before that.

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